Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From Warsaw with love...

All of last week I was running around Poland, SO exciting, why? Elizabeth Grant Int. Inc. will be opening up in Douglas Stores around Poland! So what that meant was after a quick trip to Israel and back to North America, I flew over to Poland aka the land of THE best pirogies ever to spend 48 hours training the local representatives for Douglas stores around the country. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty cool and intense experience seeing that--as much I would love to be able to, I don't speak Polish...

It was kind of sexy to roll around town with a team of executives and translators-- TG finally had her own little entourage!

Now if jumping off a plane and right into training wasn't enough ( who needs sleep?) Monday I met with the international press, with representatives from ELLE Magazine, InStyle, local press junkets, in total 50 members were invited, again... quite cool... first press conference down where I got to be the center of attention--and I LOVED every minute of it!

Keep your eyes out in Poland for our debut but i will keep you posted!


Monday, April 14, 2008

She's Just Jenny From the Block and a GIVE-AWAY

As we have told you time and time again EG cares about you and just like any celebrity you deserve to be treated like one as well!
J.Lo is like no other and not to mention she likes what she likes, and she likes EG ...A LOT.... we know have fabulous products but its nice when others recognize it as well.... do yourself a favor if J.LO is a fan, she's onto something!

So you know how it goes, first ten to reply to margot@elizabethgrant.com
Will receive caviar eye pads and an extra bonus!

Bonne Chance!


A month has gone by---UPDATE

To my lovelies,

From Jet-Setting to Charities to the planning of the upcoming months...it has been hectic, but in a good way! I know there are times when you come back here and you are over seeing the lack of updates--but EG has kept her Torricelumn Girl on her every beck and call ( Trust me it's not such a bad thing). In the past month, I have flown to NYC for some nights on the town with our favorite local designers and any party thrown by IntenCity Global (www.intencityglobal.com) is one to for check out.

Never one to miss a beat, TG met up with her local flavor flav of all things fabulous Micah Jesse (www.micahjesse.com) ---this man is on the scene more then we can even begin to keep up, he's always a pleasure to party with though, and never misses a single hit night, local hidden secrets or just fun to have around when the party needs a lift. If you are in NYC send him a note at micha@michajesse.com aka the Perez Hilton of the East Coast!

Down south we hit up a really last minute gig but turned out to be an amazing opportunity, and the sunshine didn't hurt much either!!! TG and more importantly, EG hit up the grand opening of the Gansevoort hotel in south beach. Not too shabby to say the least when approached by wynn hotel and tryst group so it really was a perfect fit!

Finally we zipped across the country ( oh yes TG is very much globetrotter) to spend the day in the Hollywood Hills, with our favorites famous fans including making new ones, how can they resist the EG charm? it's hard to be pulled away from that LA weather... but we all have to do what we have to do... back to the desk...at least for a minute. :-)