Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Hit on the WWW

The Fabulous Jaime Sharpe, from just wrote this amazing review about two of our fabulous eye products. We are quite excited about the response we are getting from the Caviar Eye Pads and the feedback is AMAZING!

Ladies and Gents it's time to get your hands on some of these now, they are selling out more quickly then we can get the Caviar in them! From Celebrity must-haves to online 'zines, EG really is making quite a splash!


Eye Spy Elizabeth Grant

Elizabeth Grant skincare is truly unique. It combats everything that makes your face look tired, and the revolutionary Torricelumn formulation is being proclaimed as the darling of the eye rejuvenation community.

The caviar rejuvenating eye pads give that dewy, gorgeous look. Sea proteins make your under eye area positively glow, and caviar extract puts saggy skin on lock down!

The anti aging eye refiner uses serious hydration to reduce wrinkles, crows feet, and puffiness. The miracle of botanical cosmetology is all hopped up with a polymer of intense Torricelumn. A powerhouse of vitamins and anti-oxidants diminish fine lines by 58% in 12 weeks.

Posted on Feb 28, 2008 at 11:40am by Jamie Sharpe
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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hollywood Baby Boom, How Can EG Resist?

About 30 Gift bags were designed exclusively for the up and coming Hollywood Baby Boom and frankly EG just couldn't wait to get them out! When Cookie Magazine asked us to be a part of their bags and to prepare all our go to products for any new Mum's Survival Must haves
we just couldn't resist! We all know how tough it can be for us to keep up our skincare regime in our everyday busy world, let alone what happens when a little one arrives, and that's why the quick and easy routine of Elizabeth Grant is PERFECT for all Hollywood A-Listers.

All the new Mummy's are getting their hands on the finest EG products to make sure, even if they are up all night with their new little ones, that they don't have to look it!

The first of the celeb mommy bags went out and J. Lo will be receiving her Caviar Eye Pads, Biocollasis Eye Cream, and her Elizabeth Grant Lip Gloss any day now.

Here at EG we are extending our well wishes to all the new Mum's and to the readers of our blog if you so happen to have a new little one too ;-)

Elizabeth Grant Creates PIR Excitement in NYC

When Elizabeth Grant is involved you know its going to be an event not to miss, and with the 300+ people inside, this event was no different!

Not Enough Elizabeth Grant to Go Around

So we have an amazing celebrity following around the world--men, woman, girls, boys--simply everyone! Every so often when the Torricelum Girls are unable to personally deliver the stars their beauty regime, (I mean would you turn down the hobnobbing? Umm, hello? No!) We do send their goody boxes/bags/crates to them directly.

However it never seems to be enough! I am constantly getting phone calls that their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, daughters, sons, and everyone in between, telling me that they are stealing their Elizabeth Grant products for themselves!

The earlier post was all about Will Smith's desire for our top notch products, it wont be long till I am going to get a phone call saying that Jada is Crazy about our products! It has already happened to Shaun Toub, Lacey Chabert, Supermodel Hofit Golan, George Blodwell, Marc Jacobs. Who will be next?!?! All I know is that Elizabeth Grant is made for everyone so treat yourself as well as the celebrities do, pick up some EG products for yourself, but you might as well double stock it, because your loved ones will be stealing yours as well. ;-)


Vitamin C, A Celebrity MUST HAVE!

Ladies and Gentleman,

I apologize for me disappearing but I am back with some super exciting news! On Friday I received a phone call from the hands behind the make-up of the one and only GORGEOUS Rosario Dawson!

For anyone who hasn't been following the blog for too long, the Elizabeth Grant Torricelum Girls go to the Cannes Film Festival every year, as Elizabeth herself would not have anything less. Anyway last year we met Ms. Dawson, and what a treat it was, we chatted and she received her very first EG Products.

Now that you are caught up, let's go back to the original story, shall we? Well Friday I received a phone call saying that the VITAMIN C line from Elizabeth Grant Int. were the ONLY products Rosario uses, and attributes her skin to!! SO exciting!

Now, if I thought that was exciting I was then asked if the fabulous Mr. Will Smith could also receive some Grant For Men ( I told you exciting things were developing in the EG world) and of course that was a no brainer!

So what's the world on every celebrity's lips? Elizabeth Grant is definitely a Hollywood must for everyone!

More news to come, but what a fun way to start off the week!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Beauty Must Have? The Serum, Just ask FASHION Magazine!

Second year in a row and we got it again! A Beauty Must for face? Elizabeth Grant's Serum! Listed as one of the top products for your face and THE BEST in its category ( not too shabby if I do say so myself)

So how does one truly celebrate this? Oh I know, a give-away! So to tell you the honest truth I have really kind of snuck into the factory and asked them to specifically produce TEN, yes that lucky number is Ten Biocollasis Gold! And what a product!!!! It's illuminating, it's hydrating and it's brand new!!! Bottom line I want ten lucky readers to receive their little gold jar ( it really is adorable)!

So it will be a draw so enter yourself, your friends anyone who you like to keyword: CELEBRATION!

Please remember to include your shipping address!!

Best of luck readers! Don't miss out on this little gift of gold~ ( it's great for men as well, remember a little goes a long way and can illuminate under the eyes)


How Proud Are We? Ranked Number 33!

Revealed in a live announcement Marion Witz received the 33rd standing in the 9th annual PROFIT W100 ranking of Canada's Top Women Entrepreneurs by PROFIT Magazine: Your Guide to Business Success. This top ranking comes along with what has already proven to be a successful year for Witz, president of Elizabeth Grant Skincare.

Marion Witz re-launched Elizabeth Grant Skincare in 1997 in Toronto, ON. The company has experienced steady growth since its inception and now boasts a roster of 7 full time employees and 50 part time employees. Manufacturing and distributing luxury cosmetics, Elizabeth Grant Skincare is holding firm as a house hold name and a major player in the international beauty industry.

Ranking Canada's Top Women Entrepreneurs by the annual revenue of their firms, the Profit W100 profiles the country's most successful female business owners. Published in the November issue of PROFIT and online at, the PROFIT W100 is Canada's largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement by women. "The PROFIT W100 are role models for entrepreneurs who lead companies of any size, in any sector" says Ian Portsmouth, editor of PROFIT. "Through effective management, they've built profitable, sustainable businesses."

Marion Witz has major plans for the continued growth of Elizabeth Grant Skincare. Having just launched several new products and new lines including the Vitamin C and Caviar line, which have become fast must-haves. Marion and her company are constantly Researching and Developing, in order to keep up with the ever-advancing skincare industry.

Marion Witz is well known for her exceptional contributions to charity and supports such causes as World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), The Scarborough Hospital Foundation, and numerous other charities including large contributions to the Canadian Cancer Society. She also supports the community through product donations to local women's shelters.

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello EG-lovers,

From Oscar buzz to the award floor, the A-Lister's of Hollywood has been calling EG Headquarters, curious on if the Torricelumn Girls will be on location. What can I say, can you blame them? We Can't! So I think we are going to pop down, however we do not want to cross any picket lines, so TG will keep you posted!

It's the year of the rat, that's right the natural leaders of the Chinese Calendar, why is this so important? Good question, the answer? Because both of the Main EG girls, grandmother and granddaughter, fall under the rat sign. This means BIG things for the upcoming year, and as I mentioned before, big things, example our expansion into the Japan Market! How amazing is that?

Thank you so much for your wonderful emails to me about the debut, I very much appreciate your kind words and support. And what an overwhelming response I received for the contest, which is at this point closed, we drew our ten lucky contestants last week and they will be notified by email on their success!

Keep reading, I promise it will be updated more often, and more news will come along with the contests! But I want to HEAR FROM YOU, your thoughts, your opinions, your feedback, you the consumer are who we work for and care about... keep us in the loop about your opinions, just mark the subject line FEEDBACK.

Keep smiling and may 2008 bring you health, wealth and happiness to each of you.

PS a new contest will be up in the next couple of posts :-) ( what can I say, I love contests!)