Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hollywood Baby Boom, How Can EG Resist?

About 30 Gift bags were designed exclusively for the up and coming Hollywood Baby Boom and frankly EG just couldn't wait to get them out! When Cookie Magazine asked us to be a part of their bags and to prepare all our go to products for any new Mum's Survival Must haves
we just couldn't resist! We all know how tough it can be for us to keep up our skincare regime in our everyday busy world, let alone what happens when a little one arrives, and that's why the quick and easy routine of Elizabeth Grant is PERFECT for all Hollywood A-Listers.

All the new Mummy's are getting their hands on the finest EG products to make sure, even if they are up all night with their new little ones, that they don't have to look it!

The first of the celeb mommy bags went out and J. Lo will be receiving her Caviar Eye Pads, Biocollasis Eye Cream, and her Elizabeth Grant Lip Gloss any day now.

Here at EG we are extending our well wishes to all the new Mum's and to the readers of our blog if you so happen to have a new little one too ;-)

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