Friday, June 27, 2008

Hobnobbing is ALWAYS a Good Time!

Hey Ladies + Gents,
Frankly sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when you haven't had your full morning coffee! Here are some shots of the party people we were with our last few outings.....not too shabby in my mind ;-) The night in question was one of THE most coveted parties of the Cannes season. Sure Diddy's Yacht parties are a must to go to ( and we did!) where literally all the buzzing worthy gossip went down; But you know you have something special on your hands when the celebrities and VIPs of Cannes go to your party before they even step foot at the Dolce + Gabana Party!
This particular evening the honor fell into the hands of Denise Rich, of "Gabrielle's Angels Foundation" (Previously known as the G+P Foundation)--a foundation that is very close to our hearts,to get us to dance the night away! There was hair Guru Nick Chavez, Diddy ( I'm not sure if people know how much I love this man, just putting it out there--so I always get excited when our hectic schedules actually are in sync and I get to see him) Supermodel Petra Nemcova, Alan Cummings, Our Brand Ambassador Gorgeous Cover Girl Hofit Golan, Star Jones, the Gorgeous Super Male Model Marcus Schenkenberg ( seriously are you looking at this man?), and last but not least ---our Canadians Scott Speedman and Rachel Blanchard ( such a cute couple!)

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day 7!!!!

Day Six ( no not page 6--sorry I couldn't resist!) was hard to top. I think we were still relaxing on the Yacht when our phones began to ring. It was Lady Victoria Hervey - she wanted us to be part of her charity event!! As we were working our first day we put aside 6 bags for her to make sure her VIP's could get their hands on our goodies!

However on the morning of day 7 as I started this blog with, our phone is madly ringing and an excited Lady V on the other line was saying not only have the bags been delivered to Allie Sims, Adrian Brody ( Ummm hello?!!?) Kate Hudson... but now she needs more, she needs for Salma Hayek, Goldie Hawn and Eva Mendes.....

Who else got their hands on their goodies----
- Luxxaro publishing/ magazine
- Gifted head of Sofitel
- Gifted Ambassador of Philippines

Cannes and Back Again Day 6!!!!

So another roll out of another fun filled day happened on the 6th day of our Cannes Adventure. This day was jam packed....with Yachts, Luncheons and PRESS! and what Girl doesn't love that for a day job?

We started off the day on the lovely Lady Joy, the Cote d'Azur and summer "home" of Denise Rich---all I can say is WOW! It was a small and intimate luncheon of about 35 people... Star Jones, Hofit Golan, Denise Rich with Alan Cummings on his way--- just to name a few. We personally gifted all of the celebs our goody bags and they were SO excited to finally get their hands on the EG bags everyone in Cannes were talking about !

After having a fabulous lunch ( 3 courses of gourmet delight) and oodles of Rose Wine-- it was off to be interviewed for OK Magazine and straight afterwards a filmed interview for a German Television show!!! It all happened so fast - from Germany to the UK - we had to sit down and write our own notes about who we actually saw that day! Just another afternoon in Paradise!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day Five!!!

As the Atrium/White Lotus Beach was preparing for the 40th Annual Australian Press Conference and Spectacular Dinner we decided to spend our Day Five with a little more luxury than our usually slog by just relaxing on the sandy beach fronts and moving over to yet another luxurious yacht in the afternoon .

But EG definitely did not pass up an opportunity to be interviewed - as we all know EG has a loving home on TSVN in Australia and we love our press! So we decided to create the wonderful Black and Gold Bags specifically just for this occasion. Over 100 Australian members of the press received these bags, which led to an interviewer from Marie Claire Australia to give us a call and set up an interview.... so even on the slower days, we found amazing opportunities!

Even though we were not around all the time on Nikki Beach on Day Five we went to the gift lounge and the gift yacht ( oh yeah I didn't mention that, there was also a Private Yacht so the celebs could get away from it all) . Elizabeth Grant was scooped up and I mean scooped up by the following people: Kelly Rowland, Rachel Leigh Cook, Spike Lee, Elsa Pataky, Ali Simms, Eduardo Veristagui, John Robinson, Danny Masterson, and Svetlana Metkina--- Not too Shabby for a day on the beach!

Cannes and Back Again Day Four!!

It really is quite funny writing the blog after the fact--at moments like this all I can say is THANK YOU APRIL for the re-cap in the word document ;-)
As the days flew by transitioning from day to night to the early AM it was funny when the weekend approached. Weekends normally means relaxation and possible sleep-ins--but this was not the the case to the Torricelumn Girls-- even though, at moments , we truly wished it did!

Friday rolled out after as previously mentioned, that 5am bedtime. We hit the ground running (literally) back to the beach . Usually a run to the beach is indicative of a gorgeous tan but for us the run to the beach just meant a massive workout - No complaints though how else were we going to work off those delicious pain au chocolates?

This Friday was a brilliant press day-- We arrived at our gorgeous office, yes we worked on a beach..... it's a tough job readers' but we were up to the challenge! We stumbled upon the UK Press Luncheon and would you believe it they were more interested in their Elizabeth Grant Goody Bags than they were about the real reason they were at their luncheon! Even though we were a hit with all of them the coordinators asked us if we could keep the bags hidden till the end of the lunch as it was hard to keep everyone's attention on the movies..... Oops. At least the recipients were happy!

That afternoon our French Phone Rings and it is an Italian TV program-- they were interested in any and all of our celebrities who love our product, because let's face it, once anyone tries Elizabeth Grant Products, they are instantly addicted and in love. And we can't blame them... this is one addiction no one has to get treatment for ;-) The Italian TV program asked us for permission for future filming of EG to attend other festivals or awards ceremonies... let's think about that for a second? Bien Sur!!!!


Cannes and Back Again Day Three!

How do we top such a great day - great for both Business and Pleasure? Oh I know--by ensuring that each day that follows maintains the the same level or better!!! Everyday we walked to our office at the White Lotus Atrium Beach and spent the days looking into the gorgeous, blue Mediterranean Sea, listening to the groovin' sounds of the on-site live DJ accompanied by the live Jamba-Bongo Players ( in mighty fine outfits -the on site day entertainment were instructed under the Grecian Gladiator theme!)

But remember I told you we spread ourselves across Cannes and couldn't leave our friends at Nikki Beach behind so we also "set up shop" there! We made sure we would give everyone the pleasure of EG! And who by chance received our Cannes bags this particular day? None other then Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg..... Ya not only were these men thrilled to receive these unisex ,loved by all genders, skincare---but they couldn't wait to grab two extra bags for their significant others ;-)

April was approached to write an article for the official Cannes Blog about Elizabeth Grant Skincare and Margot Grant- We were really excited about this because it shows that the buzz about EG is really growing and we found that this year, in Cannes, we were sought our more that having to do the searching!! And instead of just a quick title mentionwe had a significant chunk of the blog!!

To Finish the Day we were approached by French TV- VSD. We met them on beach and they wanted to film us for the day. We decided this would be a good idea to get some more footage of Hofit! So they followed us to yacht Harle to film us doing a gifting-- it wasn't a huge production BUT definitely worthwhile and very satisfying for us :-)

So how on Earth do we work all day and not go out? Especially in the Fabulousness of Cannes! So we went to two parties, ya I did say two :-) First we had to stop by Mumm's Champagne Party at Atrium White Lotus--- theme parties with free champagne is always a good time! Once we spent a couple hours there we made our way across the street.... to the famous Nikki Club (located this year at the Palais Stephanie) where we partied at the ASW party hobnobbing with talent beyond words and finished our evening at around 4am to make sure we could climb into bed for 5am--Thank God for Biocollasis Eye Cream and Torricelumn because no one needed to know what time we really went to bed ;-)


Cannes and Back Again Day Two!

This was a very different year for us as we didn't want to be stuck in a Gift Lounge all day. We wanted to meet with press, socialize with the stars and just essentially enjoy Cannes to the fullest! And did we ever!

As day one came and went- we made sure that we were where we needed to be. We visited all our locations, met all the people we will affiliated with. This year EG was ALL over Cannes and we made sure that EG's brand new Ampuole Collection was on every celebs face and Elizabeth Grant's name on everyone's lips!

Day Two was so exciting for us as we began the day on the Gorgeous Harle Yacht ( just, another, regular day at the office!!!!!) We had a power meeting with one of Britain's Sensational models, Hofit Golan! How I wish we had known that we were going to be filmed for her TV Show--Celebrity Wire as I would have taken a bit more make up with me. Hofit is also the Host of FTV -- so it was a double wish that we had dressed up a bit more! Haha either way--- after being shown her gorgeous designs for her new fashion venture with other EG fan , Scott Henshall, we were off to talk business!

What business would that be you ask? Well we can officially announce this on the TG blog ( and what better place to made world news then on the official site?) -
We signed Hofit Golan as Elizabeth Grant's new Celebrity/Model Face! Very exciting news for us, and Hofit is THRILLED to be a part of our new direction ( I told you the buzz about EG in Retail didn't I?)

If that wasn't enough - wait there's more! We thought we had accomplished a lot for that one day but apparently the press and the celebrities had another plan in store for us --haha don't they always? We were interviewed by the British Press of The Daily Mail ( where yes we did get our fabulous mention as one of the upcoming stars of the Cannes Film festival)

And how did we end our stay on the Harle Yacht you ask? Good Question... How about personally meeting Petra Nemcova. We handed over an EG gift bag--to which she declared... "This is EXACTLY what I needed getting off the flight, do you have more so I can bathe in it?"

Ya... an international supermodel wants to bathe in EG products, and our spy on the yacht told us that our Rejuvenating Caviar Eye Pads were strewn across her bed daily!!!


Cannes and Back Again Day One!

So Sorry about the delay on all the gossip from Cannes. The wifi and internet connection didn't seem to be in our cards in our luxury penthouse apartment... and from the day we started and were out the door--we never really returned except for a few precious hours of sleep! And by few... I mean - really a few!

From the moment we arrived in glorious Cannes we had adventures galore - from the airport to the beach we never stopped running around - and, oh dear - hardly had any time for stopping... except for a few bites at Lenotre... our favourite Cafe in all of Cannes!

So lets get to the long overdue facts and breakdowns!!! As we arrived at our Office, the gorgeous White Lotus Atrium beach and were starting to prepare the gorgeous set-up we, your Torricleumn Girls were invited to take part in the exclusive re-launch of Emmanuelle. Ha! Ha!! Immediately afterwards we were interviewed for MSN!!! Daily blog double mention!! Amazing ? Yes! (we thought so too! ) The Torricelumn buzz had begun.

We had a full day of planning that followed... but boy was it worth it!