Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day Five!!!

As the Atrium/White Lotus Beach was preparing for the 40th Annual Australian Press Conference and Spectacular Dinner we decided to spend our Day Five with a little more luxury than our usually slog by just relaxing on the sandy beach fronts and moving over to yet another luxurious yacht in the afternoon .

But EG definitely did not pass up an opportunity to be interviewed - as we all know EG has a loving home on TSVN in Australia and we love our press! So we decided to create the wonderful Black and Gold Bags specifically just for this occasion. Over 100 Australian members of the press received these bags, which led to an interviewer from Marie Claire Australia to give us a call and set up an interview.... so even on the slower days, we found amazing opportunities!

Even though we were not around all the time on Nikki Beach on Day Five we went to the gift lounge and the gift yacht ( oh yeah I didn't mention that, there was also a Private Yacht so the celebs could get away from it all) . Elizabeth Grant was scooped up and I mean scooped up by the following people: Kelly Rowland, Rachel Leigh Cook, Spike Lee, Elsa Pataky, Ali Simms, Eduardo Veristagui, John Robinson, Danny Masterson, and Svetlana Metkina--- Not too Shabby for a day on the beach!

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