Thursday, August 31, 2006

Showtime Pre-Emmy Gift Suite

Emmy week in LA was certainly busy and the Showtime Emmy Suite was a huge success. I am still waiting to get back the pictures from the 2 day event held at Cooley Estate in the Hancock Park area of LA. There are going to be some great shots to post due to the sheer star power that showed up to sample Elizabeth Grant and some other fabulous products, clothing, and accessories.
The Showtime event was definitely one of the best events that Elizabeth Grant has particpated in- best described as a garden party- but with a pool, mojitos galore, models, spa treatments, and even a hair salon on-site. Not to mention all the famous celebrities walking around and mingling! Elizabeth Grant also got some great coverage in the news- we were featured on CNBC!
Lacey Charbert, Marcia Cross, Sophia Bush, Blythe Danner- just to name a few- came by and picked up Elizabeth Grant prodcuts. Specifically, for those who like to know what the celebrities are using- they picked up products from the Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis line (the night cream and the brand new day and eye creams). As usual, everyone was remarking how fabulous the packaging is!
Our friend George Blodwell also stopped by- whom we haven't seen since the Cannes Film Festival in May! The Elizabeth Grant stock was completely depleted by the time we saw him unfortunately- so on his request we are sending those serums which he and his good friend (and client) Faye Dunaway love so much.
I found one picture from Getty images to leave you with for the time being until we get the rest of the pictures from Showtime.

Lisa Edelstein- from the nominated show House- also snagged Elizabeth Grant Skincare.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Celebrity Poker Tournment in the Hills

On Thursday evening, Elizabeth Grant Skincare was involved in one of the hottest parties during Emmy week- The Style Lounge Celebrity Poker Tournament Benefiting the Creative Coalition. Kari Feinstein PR produced the event and asked Elizabeth Grant to be a part of the exclusive gift bags being given out to celebrities attending/ supporting the event.
I arrived at the event around 9pm- and it was already in full swing. The actual tournment was underway by 10 pm with many of the usual suspects (Jack Osbourne, Danny Masterson) buying in- all for a good cause. The house was amazing but so far up in the hills that all party guests had to be chauffered up to the main site. Here are a couple of pictures- but I really don't think these do justice to the size of the home or the amazing views it has of LA!

Other celebrities sighted (that also picked up EG) include Jennifer Tilly, Fran Dresher, and Michael Varten. Click here to view pictures from the event on Wireimage.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fashion Magazine Readers' Choice Beauty Awards- Vote now!

Fashion Magazine is in the midst of its annual Readers' Choice Beauty Awards- and Elizabeth Grant has been entered this year! So to all the 'Torricelumn Girls' (and guys!) out there please show your love and take the time to vote for your favourite Elizabeth Grant product. It just takes a few minutes- and you could win a beauty prize pack from the magazine worth $1000. Not bad for just a few minutes of work!

Click here to vote or go to the Elizabeth Grant homepage and click on the banner to be redirected.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Emmy Suite

One of the biggest and best awards shows of the year is just around the corner- and we're really starting gear up for it at Elizabeth Grant! There is even a new product in the works- but right now it's a race against time to get it produced in time to launch for the Emmy's. I can't tell you what it is- but I will give you a hint for now. There is a lot of leading ladies in Hollywood right now who will appreciate this product's benefits at this special time in their lives.

Elizabeth Grant has been asked to be part of the Showtime Emmy Suite!
Here are a couple of pictures of the estate where the suite will be held- it's in the Hancock Park area of LA.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Products!

I have 2 very new and very exciting products to tell you about! Elizabeth Grant has just launched 2 new products for the Biocollasis line- an eye cream and a day cream. Both products really get that skin glowing and rejuvenated just like the original Biocollasis Night Cream (which launched in January and sold out for weeks immediately after!).

The eye cream is absolutely amazing. I always think that if there is one product you should be completely loyal to- and use every day- it's a good eye cream. The Biocollasis eye cream is super hydrating and works on the cellular level- so you know the nourishment is getting deep down into those fine lines around the eye area and plumping them up.

As for the day cream- it's a skin saviour - improves both fine lines and deep lines and increases hydration by 100%. This day cream is a little different than most high end anti-aging creams out there- it's a super light weight consistancy. But don't let that fool you beacuse it's a very potent cocktail of age fighting nutrients- just that it doesn't sit on top of the skin and clog pores like a lot of the heavier anti-aging creams out there do.

If you want to read more about the science behind it and what Biocollasis does, you can check out my press release here.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a Reaction!

These 2 pictures were just sent to me by the producer of the talent lounge at Nikki Beach for the Cannes Film Festival. What do you think Depardieu is reacting to?! I think he has just been told what Torricelumn will do for his skin!

Here he is holding the Elizabeth Grant Cannes Beach Bag and listening intently while being told about all the skincare goodies inside.

Here- reacting to the fact that his skin will soon be glowing and will look 10 years younger thanks to Elizabeth Grant!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Bullrun 2006- Final Party LA

Late Friday afternoon, the Bullrunners all made it safely to their final checkpoint in LA- the Beverly Hilton. In their honor, Bullrun organizers put together a huge party at new Hollywood 'it' spot The Social. Although the Bullrunners should have been exhausted after 8000 miles and many many tickets, they were still up for a big night. Awards were handed out, The Cuban Bros danced, and even a few more celebrities showed up- including one of our favourites- Shaun Toub (who also happens to be a big fan of Elizabeth Grant Skincare!). Peter Witz was also on hand to do more massage for tired drivers. He was such a hit in Toronto, they decided to set him up to do his thing at the checkpoints in San Diego and LA. Of course, the Elizabeth Grant Bullrun Backrub was also on hand and given out to party guests.
I didn't have a camera at The Social, but Jalopnik Editor Davey Johnson was super kind and sent me a couple of pictures from the after party in Carl Lewis's room at the Beverly Hilton.

Bullrun Driver Carl Lewis

Davey G. Johnson, Jalopnik

Keep checking back as Elizabeth Grant starts gearing up for the Emmy Awards in LA and the upcoming Toronto Film Festival.