Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stocking Stuffing EG ENews

Sign up to ENews to get exclusive access to special offers and be the first to know about new products, sales and specials.

Go to and click "enews" to join.

After you have done this be prepared for a great gift and around XMAS it can act as an amazing stocking stuffer for friends and loved ones!

Just send your name, email and address to: for a free Elizabeth Grant cosmetic bag with sample EG product, which is your choice of either:

1) Vitamin C Eye Pads,
2) Collagen Lip Restore
3) or Caviar Hand Crème,

*******Elizabeth Grant will NEVER SHARE OR SELL your information without your authorization!************

This contest is now finished. Good luck for the next round!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Must We Redefine Man?

....Is the question Jane Goodall's mentor Louis Leakey forced Ms. Goodall to discover. Her life work began at a time when women were "not supposed" to find themselves in the jungles of Africa. This Sunday November 16th 2008, we are proud to be a part of celebrating the life and achievements of Jane Goodall. This event is literally the who's who in the merging worlds of science and entertainment. Dr. David Suzuki is the Honorary Dinner Chair, a man who has captivated the world time and time again--

I do not really have words to describe this event, however, it is an honor to share a room with people who force us to redefine ourselves in a community that is quite used to playing by roles and rules. For more information on Jane Goodall Institute please visit:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everyone Loves to be a Rock Star, Including WarrenTricomi!

Who doesn't turn around and wish they could be a rock star? I know at times I do! So what to do when you want a smashing Wednesday night with 5000 of your closest friends? Obviously you throw a wicked jam. Which is exactly what the guys from WarrenTricomi did in the Plaza hotel of Manhattan.

This formal Black and White Gala was nothing as I expected in the least, which trust me is a great thing! It was to celebrate the new WarrenTricomi Spa in the Plaza hotel, which Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is exclusively sold in NYC! The design is nothing but stunning, dynamic and creates a sexy energy as one sails in for cutting edge hair and gorgeous skin!

Add two open bars, a whole lot of New York's finest in the celeb and socialite world and you find yourself in a room where you turn to your friend with a " be right back, I'll find you" and see them only hours later.

What a way to kick off a welcome celebration to the Plaza hotel, which after this bash and these two guys, no one will ever think is "stuffy" again!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name....

We all know NYC is my favorite's my heart. So any excuse I can have to go down I take. But you add NYC and Charity--and I am there faster then you can say the boarding gate number. For any of you who do not know, one of our top charities is Gabrielle Angels Foundation--Formally known as the G&P Foundation.

It was an official name change party, with hopes to gain attention to the cause, from the sexy celebs to the a-list media who were in attendance. Even though the food was FABULOUS and the evening was something not to be missed, we always have to remember it's one thing to party --it is another to go to a beautifully orchestrated charity event. Throughout the course of the evening we raised $1.5 million dollars to help fund the fight against cancer--but not just fight it... cure it.

The evening was Gorgeous-- as I had the chance to spend time with Alan Cummings, who was telling me all about his new campaign to fight HIV/AIDS and bring attention to safe sex. Not ignorance. I cannot wait for it to come out and when it does, you know you will be the first to see it! From there he jetted out the door to Rome for the evening ( see why I love him?)

The floor was opened by a moving speech by Fergie, the Dutchess of York and closed with a motivational speech from Cancer SURVIVOR, Evan Handler--these events sometimes are not done that well.... BUT Gabrielle Angels Foundation, always delivers an amazing evening.

Never to be outdone the music heavy weights came out in force, Patti Labelle sang a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that left the room speechless. I will post the video later. And just before we began to groove I found myself chatting with Akon (ummm hello?!?) , Ashanti, Clive Owen, and Chrisitna Milian--who loved the fact I work out to some of her tunes.

I am a proud supporter of this organization, as cancer is a battle affected by everyone, and we here at EG are determined to see it cured in out lifetime!
Want more information on Gabrielle Angels Foundation?

A Bright Flare in the Beauty Biz

I love articles about the Elizabeth Grant Skincare--However I also LOVE articles about me!! Who doesn't right? But in all honesty --and with all cockiness aside, it is really nice to know the job I do is recognized. My heart is definitely in the EG Cares Role and when it first was starting I could only hope it would grow... and day by day it is! Take a glance at the write up below and if you are wanting the hard link, it is at the bottom of the page!

Junior Leader Last week, Women’s Post, the Canadian newspaper for professional gals-on-the-go, celebrated Margot Grant as their latest ‘Woman of the Day’, an award for noteworthy ladies in business. As the granddaughter of Elizabeth Grant, the original beauty guru behind homegrown skincare company Elizabeth Grant International, it would seem Margot was born to succeed. But this is one leading lady who hasn’t taken her family ties for granted. At the tender age of 24, Margot swiftly made over the company image by redesigning the company logo and creating new product packaging – all in the last year alone. Plus, she heads up the company’s charitable division, EG Cares, and acts as a liaison for their A-list fans, including former FLARE cover girl Petra Nemcova and the glow girl herself, la Lopez. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off big-time? –Megan Kirkwood

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Always an Honor to be Nominated...Even If You Didn't Know You Were!

Yay! It's always fun to see your company in the press, but it's a bigger kick when you get to see yourself! We all know what supporters EG is of Women, giving back and our support to the community around us and the one across the water. However I just work, it is what I do. I am proud to be part of a company led by strong and intelligent women, who push me to succeed and make sure the EG footprint left behind is a positive one.

As the writer Francoise de Motteville once said: The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.

My Grandmother always told me she was and still is excited to go into work and make sure teh job gets done well... not just completed. This article really makes me happy and something that even though was a complete surprise ( thank you April) definitely pushes me to work harder!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Naomi May Have Recently Stopped Throwing Phones, But She Still Kicks Ass On The Runway

Hey All,
So thanks to the lovely Hofit Golan, we were proud supporters of Fashion Cares for Relief. What is Fashion Cares for Relief you ask? Good Question. This comes directly from their website:

who we are:

Welcome to the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood.

Every minute of every day, a woman dies of pregnancy related complications, totaling more than one half million women each year.

We are here to change that.

The White Ribbon Alliance is an international coalition bound together by a common goal: to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth are safe for all women and newborns in every country around the world.

Our coalition is 104 countries strong, full of men and women who are committed to our cause. But we need you to be even stronger.

We at EG know the affect first hand of what can happen, which is why the charities we choose to be involved with are those close to our heart. We want to be the change, we want to see in the world, instead of just chat about it. Elizabeth Grant has always believed in giving back which is why we established EG Cares, our Charitable Fund established to help support diverse charitable groups - meeting their requests with donations of money and/or product.

The site says: "play your part" which is something EG is proud to be a part of.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

No not Christmas...It's the combination one-two punch of TIFF & NYC Fashion Week!!!! I love this week, however still find it a bit annoying of the overlap...but that's just me. Anywho-- Elizabeth Grant has made sure to be in all the best hotspots.

We LOVE NYC! It is just that simple. However we were busy jetting back and forth between TIFF and NYC Fashion Week. After a couple of Will's parties we found ourselves at the Bryant Park Hotel as it kicked off the week with gorgeous designs by Ottavia et Emma. Gorgeous designs, this designer has brought the simple, sleek and sexy chic back to women's clothing. SOmething I have truly missed from my days in Europe, but take a look for yourself at:

Ps Yes that is Joan Allen.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Been A Whirlwind --But Hey That's The Nature of The Game!

It all began as a simple week, next thing you know, I am in three countries in a week and a half! Crossing borders, time zones and oceans may be sexy to some.... hell it's sexy to me too!

What a bang it began with, the 33rd Annual Toronto Film Festival (aka TIFF)! Bringing it home to Toronto, EG was on the scene in a BIG way! First and foremost only the top VIP's got their hands on EG products in the official Tribute gift bag.

From the bags, to the scene--we hopped on board with the guru behind the official parties, press conferences and just the laid back lounges of TIFF with PeachStone Media's William Hamilton. With his trusted hand, we got to spend the likes with the up and coming and the established in the entertainment industry! For all you readers, here's a tip, keep your eyes peeled for a VERY hot actor in Israel (physically and in movies) Eyal Simko.

The run down of the events and the whose who were as follows....

The Film Lounge parties during the 2008 Toronto Film Festival include:

· September 6, 2008:

o 6:00pm-9:00pm: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage Reception with His Excellency Mohamed Khalaf Al Mazrouel

o 8:00pm-11:00pm: Deadgirl Premiere Party with Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan and Michael Bowen

o 10:00pm-1:00am: Heckler Premiere Party with Jamie Kennedy

· September 7, 2008:

o 6:00pm-8:30pm: SonyBMG / MovieTunes Launch Party

o 10:30pm-1:00am: Zack and Miri Make A Porno Premiere Party with Harvey Weinstein and Elizabeth Banks

· September 8, 2008:

o 10:00pm-1:00am: Nothing But The Truth Premiere Party with Matt Dillon and Kate Beckinsale

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!



Thursday, August 21, 2008

EG is up for Another FASHION Magazine Award--With Your Help

It's that time of year again where Elizabeth Grant International Inc is up for an award from Fashion Magazine in Canada----We are listed in every category as a product you can vote for---

please vote at:

And vote for your favourite EG products :-) It's a long survey and we are up for most of the categories ( if you don't see Elizabeth Grant in the drop list in alphabetical order, in some categories we are on the bottom). BUT if you don't want to fill out every section you can just push continue and it will bring you to the next question.

If you are stumped for eg products just go to our website to check out our product range:

It will take about 10 minutes and we would LOVE to win another award from them... we have won 3 years in a row now. So pretty please (with sugar on top) will you do this for my grams? Yes for all of you who don't know... Elizabeth is my grandmother.

Thank you SO much for all of your help we really appreciate this! If you are out of Canada and do not see a listing for your location.. in this case I say pick a province --just because the magazine is local, doesn't mean the award is!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elizabeth in Her Younger Years

Every so often someone approaches me and asks, what was Elizabeth like when she was younger? For me there is only one way to respond-- Exactly like she is now. She was as vibrant as she is today, as charismatic, intelligent, funny, stylish and of course--gorgeous.

She always has been a beauty, and in her younger years this was no exception--she was the envy of her peers. With jet-black hair, porcelain skin, she valued manners, intelligence and always followed her cardinal rule: "Be charming, be charming, be charming"

Her personality and charm rivaled Screen Siren Audrey Hepburn, her humor was always at par with Lucille Ball--she was a power house then, and only fine tuned her personality with age.

Take a look for yourself :-) But just a heads-up this was a promo done by TSC for her anniversary shows in July 2008-- and they can no longer offer the promo in this short :-)


Thursday, August 07, 2008

EG is riding the Pineapple Express all the way to Coldplay---

Last week was a lot of fun! After being able to run around the world seeing what's up--it is sometimes nice when the fun comes to you. The TG girls were off last week and hitting the ground running, after an impromptu invitation to the Press Screening of the movie "Pineapple Express" we couldn't stop laughing! Two hours this movie kept us entertained and rolling in the aisles. And with the recycling of movie plots these days it is always nice to be thoroughly entertained!

The following day was "Backstage with Coldplay" as they hit their press circuit for their Toronto shows. Yeah-- I did indeed just say chilling with Coldplay, but to be exact Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin. These two are disgustingly funny, we had such a nice time with them. It was just a regular day with the two of these superstars and along for the ride the ever so charming Ben Mulroney and the gorgeous Tanya Kim to add their own personal charm to the interview. Not only were we with these four outstanding individuals but to also be invited to sit in the audience ( second row, center with the press... to be exact) of their ETalk Daily Special, how could we say no?


Blogger Issues...AKA Conversation Starters

From the Desk of TG:

Hello to all of the readers out there,

Lately we have been getting a few emails in the office about some posts on the blog. We love knowing you are reading the blog, but if you have issues, or comments about what is appearing on the blog--talk about it on the blog!

We want to hear your feedback, we want to hear what you are excited about and yes... even what you are not happy about in a blogpost. So in future please direct your comments here, as the EG office staff will tell you to do the same...

Of course that is only if you feel your issue/comment is worth something-- We love hearing your feedback, we value your opinions; regardless of if you are happy/unhappy with a post, use your voice.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Is Torricelumn?

We have finally tackled this question properly, of course with the help of technology! Science, Technology, and a product that works is the real secret behind Torricelumn however we wanted to try and answer our audience with a little more clarification.

This is the science behind our main Ingredient Torricelumn. For everyone who has always wanted to know, what is Torricelumn? Here is the answer. Torricelumn is our compound, our secret formulation behind the success of EG products, and is found in every single one of our products.



Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the World is EG? Well Poland Retail is one place!

I wanted to take a moment to let our Europeans and more importantly our Polish readers know where they can find their favourite EG products! It's not just on the shopping channel anymore, you can now touch and feel at your very own local Douglas Stores!

This is just a quick post to let you know which Douglas stores are carrying EG! But don't worry to all the fans of EG out there, outside of Poland, we will be coming to a retail location for you soon!

Douglas in Poland:

1. Warsaw – Douglas in “Mokotów Gallery Center”

2. Warsaw – Douglas in “Arkadia Center”

3. Warsaw – Douglas on Chmielna Str.

4. Gdańs – Douglas in “Alfa Center”

5. Łódź – Douglas in “Manufaktura Center”

6. Olsztyn – Douglas in “Alfa Center”

We are also present in following Gler Perfume Shops:

1. Warsaw - Gler Perfume Shop in „Targówek Center”

2. Warsaw - Gler Perfume Shop in “Reduta Center”

3. Radom- Gler Perfume Shop in “M1 Center”

4. Tarnów - Gler Perfume Shop in “ECHO Center”

Now go out there and buy, buy, buy!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

From Heidi to Petra---Super Models Love EG!!

It's one of those things, is being beautiful really that easy? Of course not! Everyone needs to take care of themselves every now and then....and super models are no exception. However it is always nice to know that even the most Gorgeous Woman ( and men) actually use a few products themselves to keep them looking that way!

I am never 100% sure why I get so lucky, but frankly who can complain with helping people out in luxurious scenarios? Petra Nemcova flies into the Cote D'Azur-- after a long exhausting flight, I met with her on the private yacht she was staying on-- the timing could not have been better! As she walked in I handed over her EG goodies, when I did... she simply said , and I quote " this is EXACTLY what I needed--can you bring over some more so I can bathe in it?" bathe in it?!?!?! What a quote! For the two weeks that followed, a daily supply of EG products were personally delivered to Petra ( she's GORGEOUS). Her personal favourite? EG's Caviar Eye Pads...they really are something fantastic.

Which brings us to Vogue, yes the fashion magazine... the guru of the fashion world. We were asked to contribute to their editor's bag (oh my!) for their most recent function in NYC. What does every woman ( and man) on the go need to make sure they always look like they have had 8 hours of sleep? Yes you guessed it Caviar Eye Pads! How do we know this? Because Heidi Klum--yes the body herself, got her hands on the Caviar Eye Pads and called the very next day first thing in the AM to request more!

For more information about EG Caviar Eye Pads go to:


Friday, June 27, 2008

Hobnobbing is ALWAYS a Good Time!

Hey Ladies + Gents,
Frankly sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when you haven't had your full morning coffee! Here are some shots of the party people we were with our last few outings.....not too shabby in my mind ;-) The night in question was one of THE most coveted parties of the Cannes season. Sure Diddy's Yacht parties are a must to go to ( and we did!) where literally all the buzzing worthy gossip went down; But you know you have something special on your hands when the celebrities and VIPs of Cannes go to your party before they even step foot at the Dolce + Gabana Party!
This particular evening the honor fell into the hands of Denise Rich, of "Gabrielle's Angels Foundation" (Previously known as the G+P Foundation)--a foundation that is very close to our hearts,to get us to dance the night away! There was hair Guru Nick Chavez, Diddy ( I'm not sure if people know how much I love this man, just putting it out there--so I always get excited when our hectic schedules actually are in sync and I get to see him) Supermodel Petra Nemcova, Alan Cummings, Our Brand Ambassador Gorgeous Cover Girl Hofit Golan, Star Jones, the Gorgeous Super Male Model Marcus Schenkenberg ( seriously are you looking at this man?), and last but not least ---our Canadians Scott Speedman and Rachel Blanchard ( such a cute couple!)

For more information on Gabrielle's Angels please visit:


Monday, June 09, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day 7!!!!

Day Six ( no not page 6--sorry I couldn't resist!) was hard to top. I think we were still relaxing on the Yacht when our phones began to ring. It was Lady Victoria Hervey - she wanted us to be part of her charity event!! As we were working our first day we put aside 6 bags for her to make sure her VIP's could get their hands on our goodies!

However on the morning of day 7 as I started this blog with, our phone is madly ringing and an excited Lady V on the other line was saying not only have the bags been delivered to Allie Sims, Adrian Brody ( Ummm hello?!!?) Kate Hudson... but now she needs more, she needs for Salma Hayek, Goldie Hawn and Eva Mendes.....

Who else got their hands on their goodies----
- Luxxaro publishing/ magazine
- Gifted head of Sofitel
- Gifted Ambassador of Philippines

Cannes and Back Again Day 6!!!!

So another roll out of another fun filled day happened on the 6th day of our Cannes Adventure. This day was jam packed....with Yachts, Luncheons and PRESS! and what Girl doesn't love that for a day job?

We started off the day on the lovely Lady Joy, the Cote d'Azur and summer "home" of Denise Rich---all I can say is WOW! It was a small and intimate luncheon of about 35 people... Star Jones, Hofit Golan, Denise Rich with Alan Cummings on his way--- just to name a few. We personally gifted all of the celebs our goody bags and they were SO excited to finally get their hands on the EG bags everyone in Cannes were talking about !

After having a fabulous lunch ( 3 courses of gourmet delight) and oodles of Rose Wine-- it was off to be interviewed for OK Magazine and straight afterwards a filmed interview for a German Television show!!! It all happened so fast - from Germany to the UK - we had to sit down and write our own notes about who we actually saw that day! Just another afternoon in Paradise!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day Five!!!

As the Atrium/White Lotus Beach was preparing for the 40th Annual Australian Press Conference and Spectacular Dinner we decided to spend our Day Five with a little more luxury than our usually slog by just relaxing on the sandy beach fronts and moving over to yet another luxurious yacht in the afternoon .

But EG definitely did not pass up an opportunity to be interviewed - as we all know EG has a loving home on TSVN in Australia and we love our press! So we decided to create the wonderful Black and Gold Bags specifically just for this occasion. Over 100 Australian members of the press received these bags, which led to an interviewer from Marie Claire Australia to give us a call and set up an interview.... so even on the slower days, we found amazing opportunities!

Even though we were not around all the time on Nikki Beach on Day Five we went to the gift lounge and the gift yacht ( oh yeah I didn't mention that, there was also a Private Yacht so the celebs could get away from it all) . Elizabeth Grant was scooped up and I mean scooped up by the following people: Kelly Rowland, Rachel Leigh Cook, Spike Lee, Elsa Pataky, Ali Simms, Eduardo Veristagui, John Robinson, Danny Masterson, and Svetlana Metkina--- Not too Shabby for a day on the beach!

Cannes and Back Again Day Four!!

It really is quite funny writing the blog after the fact--at moments like this all I can say is THANK YOU APRIL for the re-cap in the word document ;-)
As the days flew by transitioning from day to night to the early AM it was funny when the weekend approached. Weekends normally means relaxation and possible sleep-ins--but this was not the the case to the Torricelumn Girls-- even though, at moments , we truly wished it did!

Friday rolled out after as previously mentioned, that 5am bedtime. We hit the ground running (literally) back to the beach . Usually a run to the beach is indicative of a gorgeous tan but for us the run to the beach just meant a massive workout - No complaints though how else were we going to work off those delicious pain au chocolates?

This Friday was a brilliant press day-- We arrived at our gorgeous office, yes we worked on a beach..... it's a tough job readers' but we were up to the challenge! We stumbled upon the UK Press Luncheon and would you believe it they were more interested in their Elizabeth Grant Goody Bags than they were about the real reason they were at their luncheon! Even though we were a hit with all of them the coordinators asked us if we could keep the bags hidden till the end of the lunch as it was hard to keep everyone's attention on the movies..... Oops. At least the recipients were happy!

That afternoon our French Phone Rings and it is an Italian TV program-- they were interested in any and all of our celebrities who love our product, because let's face it, once anyone tries Elizabeth Grant Products, they are instantly addicted and in love. And we can't blame them... this is one addiction no one has to get treatment for ;-) The Italian TV program asked us for permission for future filming of EG to attend other festivals or awards ceremonies... let's think about that for a second? Bien Sur!!!!


Cannes and Back Again Day Three!

How do we top such a great day - great for both Business and Pleasure? Oh I know--by ensuring that each day that follows maintains the the same level or better!!! Everyday we walked to our office at the White Lotus Atrium Beach and spent the days looking into the gorgeous, blue Mediterranean Sea, listening to the groovin' sounds of the on-site live DJ accompanied by the live Jamba-Bongo Players ( in mighty fine outfits -the on site day entertainment were instructed under the Grecian Gladiator theme!)

But remember I told you we spread ourselves across Cannes and couldn't leave our friends at Nikki Beach behind so we also "set up shop" there! We made sure we would give everyone the pleasure of EG! And who by chance received our Cannes bags this particular day? None other then Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg..... Ya not only were these men thrilled to receive these unisex ,loved by all genders, skincare---but they couldn't wait to grab two extra bags for their significant others ;-)

April was approached to write an article for the official Cannes Blog about Elizabeth Grant Skincare and Margot Grant- We were really excited about this because it shows that the buzz about EG is really growing and we found that this year, in Cannes, we were sought our more that having to do the searching!! And instead of just a quick title mentionwe had a significant chunk of the blog!!

To Finish the Day we were approached by French TV- VSD. We met them on beach and they wanted to film us for the day. We decided this would be a good idea to get some more footage of Hofit! So they followed us to yacht Harle to film us doing a gifting-- it wasn't a huge production BUT definitely worthwhile and very satisfying for us :-)

So how on Earth do we work all day and not go out? Especially in the Fabulousness of Cannes! So we went to two parties, ya I did say two :-) First we had to stop by Mumm's Champagne Party at Atrium White Lotus--- theme parties with free champagne is always a good time! Once we spent a couple hours there we made our way across the street.... to the famous Nikki Club (located this year at the Palais Stephanie) where we partied at the ASW party hobnobbing with talent beyond words and finished our evening at around 4am to make sure we could climb into bed for 5am--Thank God for Biocollasis Eye Cream and Torricelumn because no one needed to know what time we really went to bed ;-)


Cannes and Back Again Day Two!

This was a very different year for us as we didn't want to be stuck in a Gift Lounge all day. We wanted to meet with press, socialize with the stars and just essentially enjoy Cannes to the fullest! And did we ever!

As day one came and went- we made sure that we were where we needed to be. We visited all our locations, met all the people we will affiliated with. This year EG was ALL over Cannes and we made sure that EG's brand new Ampuole Collection was on every celebs face and Elizabeth Grant's name on everyone's lips!

Day Two was so exciting for us as we began the day on the Gorgeous Harle Yacht ( just, another, regular day at the office!!!!!) We had a power meeting with one of Britain's Sensational models, Hofit Golan! How I wish we had known that we were going to be filmed for her TV Show--Celebrity Wire as I would have taken a bit more make up with me. Hofit is also the Host of FTV -- so it was a double wish that we had dressed up a bit more! Haha either way--- after being shown her gorgeous designs for her new fashion venture with other EG fan , Scott Henshall, we were off to talk business!

What business would that be you ask? Well we can officially announce this on the TG blog ( and what better place to made world news then on the official site?) -
We signed Hofit Golan as Elizabeth Grant's new Celebrity/Model Face! Very exciting news for us, and Hofit is THRILLED to be a part of our new direction ( I told you the buzz about EG in Retail didn't I?)

If that wasn't enough - wait there's more! We thought we had accomplished a lot for that one day but apparently the press and the celebrities had another plan in store for us --haha don't they always? We were interviewed by the British Press of The Daily Mail ( where yes we did get our fabulous mention as one of the upcoming stars of the Cannes Film festival)

And how did we end our stay on the Harle Yacht you ask? Good Question... How about personally meeting Petra Nemcova. We handed over an EG gift bag--to which she declared... "This is EXACTLY what I needed getting off the flight, do you have more so I can bathe in it?"

Ya... an international supermodel wants to bathe in EG products, and our spy on the yacht told us that our Rejuvenating Caviar Eye Pads were strewn across her bed daily!!!


Cannes and Back Again Day One!

So Sorry about the delay on all the gossip from Cannes. The wifi and internet connection didn't seem to be in our cards in our luxury penthouse apartment... and from the day we started and were out the door--we never really returned except for a few precious hours of sleep! And by few... I mean - really a few!

From the moment we arrived in glorious Cannes we had adventures galore - from the airport to the beach we never stopped running around - and, oh dear - hardly had any time for stopping... except for a few bites at Lenotre... our favourite Cafe in all of Cannes!

So lets get to the long overdue facts and breakdowns!!! As we arrived at our Office, the gorgeous White Lotus Atrium beach and were starting to prepare the gorgeous set-up we, your Torricleumn Girls were invited to take part in the exclusive re-launch of Emmanuelle. Ha! Ha!! Immediately afterwards we were interviewed for MSN!!! Daily blog double mention!! Amazing ? Yes! (we thought so too! ) The Torricelumn buzz had begun.

We had a full day of planning that followed... but boy was it worth it!


Friday, May 09, 2008

Elizabeth Is Out and About the TJFF

This Sunday not only is Mother's Day, but a very exciting little outing for Elizabeth Grant herself. At the beginning of the month a fantastic woman and organziation got in contact with EG International to discuss the TJFF ( Toronto Jewish Film Festival).

This has been going on all week but why we are so excited is EG herself gets to do a little presentation on Sunday May 11th! After a fascinating film called "The Powder and the Glory", about Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden, the women who helped forge the cosmetics industry, perfect fit for EG? Yeah, we thought so too!

The parallels between EG and these woman are just far too great to be ignored, all had a passion and more importantly a drive in the age of male dominance they became successful women in the corporate world.

Feel like joining?
The film is screening on Mothers Day May 11th at 3.30pm at the Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor Street West. EG has been personally invited to answer questions about her company and the industry and each guest is lucky to receive an eg gift bag! We are quite excited!

Hope to see you there

It's Always nice to be Thanked.

We at EG get so excited when we can pass our good fortune forward. Our world moves pretty fast sometimes, once and a while when an email like this gets passed into my inbox, I just have to copy and paste--because I could never capture the same gratitude and excitement. Plus it allows you to get involved! We donated 100 kits including, full size day creams, night creams, serums, cleansers and toners to this amazing cause:

"This is to all the fabulous friends who came together to make our Big Sunday "Day Of Beauty" happen.

The event was a tremendous success, and more importantly these women were able to receive a red carpet treatment that will forever remind them how BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE. Because of all your gracious donations of clothing, food, makeup, hair, and styling talents, Each and Every single woman within The Good Shepherd Shelter was treated with a full salon styled look and brand new wardrobe to face life in a refreshed way. This could not have been done without you each coming together as a community of love. Thank you to all our friends.

Thank you to Rustin Cerveny of RMC Photography for capturing these gorgeous transformations that you can view here:

And please stay tuned for more amazing behind the scene shots and captivating portraits by Star of Harmony Wedding Photography.

GOD I love you guys!!!!
Jeannie Mai


Friday, May 02, 2008

And The Award Goes To....

Elizabeth Grant Int. Inc!

Congratulations to us for being honored by the Look Good Feel Better Organization ( with the Emerald Award--both Elizabeth's and Margot Grant's Favorite Colour!

It's such a fabulous organization, this foundation gives hope, and fuels the fire in the race to end Cancer! They prepare 15,000+ kits twice a year to help woman, look good and feel better so they can fight the fight against cancer!

This foundation has honored us twice by first allowing us to be part of this great cause and then by giving us the emerald award ( given to the companies who donate $200,000.00 and up in donations) Such a great cause to be a part of and EG is ALL about giving back!


A Toast to ShopNBC

Ladies and Gents,

It's happened! Finally Elizabeth Grant Int. Inc. is back on American TV! This week EG herself has personally flown down to Minnesota to launch EG on TV! It is an amazing week for our American Viewers, and for EG--her debut was fantastic and truly she out did herself. Bringing a new bang to TV, Joan Rivers Watch out!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From Warsaw with love...

All of last week I was running around Poland, SO exciting, why? Elizabeth Grant Int. Inc. will be opening up in Douglas Stores around Poland! So what that meant was after a quick trip to Israel and back to North America, I flew over to Poland aka the land of THE best pirogies ever to spend 48 hours training the local representatives for Douglas stores around the country. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty cool and intense experience seeing that--as much I would love to be able to, I don't speak Polish...

It was kind of sexy to roll around town with a team of executives and translators-- TG finally had her own little entourage!

Now if jumping off a plane and right into training wasn't enough ( who needs sleep?) Monday I met with the international press, with representatives from ELLE Magazine, InStyle, local press junkets, in total 50 members were invited, again... quite cool... first press conference down where I got to be the center of attention--and I LOVED every minute of it!

Keep your eyes out in Poland for our debut but i will keep you posted!


Monday, April 14, 2008

She's Just Jenny From the Block and a GIVE-AWAY

As we have told you time and time again EG cares about you and just like any celebrity you deserve to be treated like one as well!
J.Lo is like no other and not to mention she likes what she likes, and she likes EG ...A LOT.... we know have fabulous products but its nice when others recognize it as well.... do yourself a favor if J.LO is a fan, she's onto something!

So you know how it goes, first ten to reply to
Will receive caviar eye pads and an extra bonus!

Bonne Chance!


A month has gone by---UPDATE

To my lovelies,

From Jet-Setting to Charities to the planning of the upcoming has been hectic, but in a good way! I know there are times when you come back here and you are over seeing the lack of updates--but EG has kept her Torricelumn Girl on her every beck and call ( Trust me it's not such a bad thing). In the past month, I have flown to NYC for some nights on the town with our favorite local designers and any party thrown by IntenCity Global ( is one to for check out.

Never one to miss a beat, TG met up with her local flavor flav of all things fabulous Micah Jesse ( ---this man is on the scene more then we can even begin to keep up, he's always a pleasure to party with though, and never misses a single hit night, local hidden secrets or just fun to have around when the party needs a lift. If you are in NYC send him a note at aka the Perez Hilton of the East Coast!

Down south we hit up a really last minute gig but turned out to be an amazing opportunity, and the sunshine didn't hurt much either!!! TG and more importantly, EG hit up the grand opening of the Gansevoort hotel in south beach. Not too shabby to say the least when approached by wynn hotel and tryst group so it really was a perfect fit!

Finally we zipped across the country ( oh yes TG is very much globetrotter) to spend the day in the Hollywood Hills, with our favorites famous fans including making new ones, how can they resist the EG charm? it's hard to be pulled away from that LA weather... but we all have to do what we have to do... back to the least for a minute. :-)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Beauty Sample Sale like no other.

Ladies and Gents, frankly what kind of Beauty Sample Sale would it be without, Elizabeth Grant International? Exactly--Not much of one!

Next week on Wednesday March 19th between 5pm and 9pm there will be a Sample Sale that is close to all of our own hearts--beauty! EG is flying across the country to be a part of this special event and we cannot wait!
As a sneak peak at the products we are bringing (FULL SIZE BY THE WAY):
- The Try-Me Kits
- Biocollasis Eye Cream
- Vitamin C Day Treatment
- Collagen Lip Plumper
- Lip Gloss ( Clear and Pink)
- Extreme Treatment for Lips
- Caviar Ampules
- Caviar Eye Pads

At ridiculously LOW prices, so if you are in the LA area buy your tickets and come see us!

Los Angeles
| March 19, 2008 from 5pm to 9pm

Location: The Ebell Los Angeles, 4400 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90005. On the corner of Wilshire and Lucerne. Enter on Wilshire.
Guests must be 21 and up and be on the list to attend.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Caviar Eye Pads HUGE hit

The new celebrity Mummies cannot get enough, as soon as we shipped them out, one of the fabulous and divine leading lady's called us back for more. We knew they worked wonders, but for this Queen's Maven Caviar was simply the only thing she would accept.....can you blame her? We can't!

I am telling you, you want to get your hands on these eye pads --- indulge in a little guilty pleasure, everyone deserves to be treated like a star.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Hit on the WWW

The Fabulous Jaime Sharpe, from just wrote this amazing review about two of our fabulous eye products. We are quite excited about the response we are getting from the Caviar Eye Pads and the feedback is AMAZING!

Ladies and Gents it's time to get your hands on some of these now, they are selling out more quickly then we can get the Caviar in them! From Celebrity must-haves to online 'zines, EG really is making quite a splash!


Eye Spy Elizabeth Grant

Elizabeth Grant skincare is truly unique. It combats everything that makes your face look tired, and the revolutionary Torricelumn formulation is being proclaimed as the darling of the eye rejuvenation community.

The caviar rejuvenating eye pads give that dewy, gorgeous look. Sea proteins make your under eye area positively glow, and caviar extract puts saggy skin on lock down!

The anti aging eye refiner uses serious hydration to reduce wrinkles, crows feet, and puffiness. The miracle of botanical cosmetology is all hopped up with a polymer of intense Torricelumn. A powerhouse of vitamins and anti-oxidants diminish fine lines by 58% in 12 weeks.

Posted on Feb 28, 2008 at 11:40am by Jamie Sharpe
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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hollywood Baby Boom, How Can EG Resist?

About 30 Gift bags were designed exclusively for the up and coming Hollywood Baby Boom and frankly EG just couldn't wait to get them out! When Cookie Magazine asked us to be a part of their bags and to prepare all our go to products for any new Mum's Survival Must haves
we just couldn't resist! We all know how tough it can be for us to keep up our skincare regime in our everyday busy world, let alone what happens when a little one arrives, and that's why the quick and easy routine of Elizabeth Grant is PERFECT for all Hollywood A-Listers.

All the new Mummy's are getting their hands on the finest EG products to make sure, even if they are up all night with their new little ones, that they don't have to look it!

The first of the celeb mommy bags went out and J. Lo will be receiving her Caviar Eye Pads, Biocollasis Eye Cream, and her Elizabeth Grant Lip Gloss any day now.

Here at EG we are extending our well wishes to all the new Mum's and to the readers of our blog if you so happen to have a new little one too ;-)

Elizabeth Grant Creates PIR Excitement in NYC

When Elizabeth Grant is involved you know its going to be an event not to miss, and with the 300+ people inside, this event was no different!

Not Enough Elizabeth Grant to Go Around

So we have an amazing celebrity following around the world--men, woman, girls, boys--simply everyone! Every so often when the Torricelum Girls are unable to personally deliver the stars their beauty regime, (I mean would you turn down the hobnobbing? Umm, hello? No!) We do send their goody boxes/bags/crates to them directly.

However it never seems to be enough! I am constantly getting phone calls that their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, daughters, sons, and everyone in between, telling me that they are stealing their Elizabeth Grant products for themselves!

The earlier post was all about Will Smith's desire for our top notch products, it wont be long till I am going to get a phone call saying that Jada is Crazy about our products! It has already happened to Shaun Toub, Lacey Chabert, Supermodel Hofit Golan, George Blodwell, Marc Jacobs. Who will be next?!?! All I know is that Elizabeth Grant is made for everyone so treat yourself as well as the celebrities do, pick up some EG products for yourself, but you might as well double stock it, because your loved ones will be stealing yours as well. ;-)


Vitamin C, A Celebrity MUST HAVE!

Ladies and Gentleman,

I apologize for me disappearing but I am back with some super exciting news! On Friday I received a phone call from the hands behind the make-up of the one and only GORGEOUS Rosario Dawson!

For anyone who hasn't been following the blog for too long, the Elizabeth Grant Torricelum Girls go to the Cannes Film Festival every year, as Elizabeth herself would not have anything less. Anyway last year we met Ms. Dawson, and what a treat it was, we chatted and she received her very first EG Products.

Now that you are caught up, let's go back to the original story, shall we? Well Friday I received a phone call saying that the VITAMIN C line from Elizabeth Grant Int. were the ONLY products Rosario uses, and attributes her skin to!! SO exciting!

Now, if I thought that was exciting I was then asked if the fabulous Mr. Will Smith could also receive some Grant For Men ( I told you exciting things were developing in the EG world) and of course that was a no brainer!

So what's the world on every celebrity's lips? Elizabeth Grant is definitely a Hollywood must for everyone!

More news to come, but what a fun way to start off the week!