Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day Two!

This was a very different year for us as we didn't want to be stuck in a Gift Lounge all day. We wanted to meet with press, socialize with the stars and just essentially enjoy Cannes to the fullest! And did we ever!

As day one came and went- we made sure that we were where we needed to be. We visited all our locations, met all the people we will affiliated with. This year EG was ALL over Cannes and we made sure that EG's brand new Ampuole Collection was on every celebs face and Elizabeth Grant's name on everyone's lips!

Day Two was so exciting for us as we began the day on the Gorgeous Harle Yacht ( just, another, regular day at the office!!!!!) We had a power meeting with one of Britain's Sensational models, Hofit Golan! How I wish we had known that we were going to be filmed for her TV Show--Celebrity Wire as I would have taken a bit more make up with me. Hofit is also the Host of FTV -- so it was a double wish that we had dressed up a bit more! Haha either way--- after being shown her gorgeous designs for her new fashion venture with other EG fan , Scott Henshall, we were off to talk business!

What business would that be you ask? Well we can officially announce this on the TG blog ( and what better place to made world news then on the official site?) -
We signed Hofit Golan as Elizabeth Grant's new Celebrity/Model Face! Very exciting news for us, and Hofit is THRILLED to be a part of our new direction ( I told you the buzz about EG in Retail didn't I?)

If that wasn't enough - wait there's more! We thought we had accomplished a lot for that one day but apparently the press and the celebrities had another plan in store for us --haha don't they always? We were interviewed by the British Press of The Daily Mail ( where yes we did get our fabulous mention as one of the upcoming stars of the Cannes Film festival)

And how did we end our stay on the Harle Yacht you ask? Good Question... How about personally meeting Petra Nemcova. We handed over an EG gift bag--to which she declared... "This is EXACTLY what I needed getting off the flight, do you have more so I can bathe in it?"

Ya... an international supermodel wants to bathe in EG products, and our spy on the yacht told us that our Rejuvenating Caviar Eye Pads were strewn across her bed daily!!!


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