Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Product Alert! Caviar Nutruriche Warming Mask

Want to stay warm and maintain beautiful looking skin during the winter chill?

We wanted to treat our Torricelumn™ Girls to a product from our brand new Caviar Nutruriche line (which officially launches in July) that will bring warmth to your frost bitten skin – The Caviar Nutruriche Warming Mask!

This purifying self-warming mask heats on contact with your skin for a natural facial detox.  The combination of natural Caviar elements and the warming, smooth texture of the mask will get you hooked after even one use!

And that is only how it feels on your skin. What the mask does for your skin makes this product even better!

It helps to stimulate the pores to penetrate the skin's surface and gently remove dirt and makeup buildup. This mask will revitalize your skin leaving it feeling fresh, healthy, and with a natural glow. Avocado Oil, high in protein and vitamins A, D, B and E, helps to regenerate and protect the skin. Buriti Oil easily penetrates the skin's layers to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Wheat Germ Oil, helps promote the formation of new cells, improve circulation, and to help repair sun damage to the skin. Rosehip Extra Virgin Oil, a free radical scavenger and anti-oxidant, enhances moisturization and skin cell regeneration. Amazonian clay helps improve skin texture and remove surface oil on the skin. Caviar extract helps nourish and energize the skin, resulting in refined texture and a silken smoothness.

With one more official month of winter left, this mask is a perfect addition to your chilly beauty regime – staying warm and staying beautiful.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

TELL ONLY YOUR BEST FRIENDS - Annual Friends and Family SALE!

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care's annual Friends & Family Sale is coming! Get 25% off of your entire purchase at February 17th to February 21st. To get the exclusive promo code, you must be an EG Insider.  If you haven't signed up already, do it now.  EG Insiders get access to exclusive deals, beauty news, and major beauty perks such as weekender sizes of your favourite products.  Click here to sign up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOOK BOOK: Shades of Romance

 § § § § § § §  LOOK ONE - FLIRT  § § § § § § § §  

A light and care free look, perfect for day time.

 § § § § § § §  LOOK TWO - DESIRE  § § § § § § § § 

A cool, shimmering and sexy look for a glamorous night out.

 § § § § § § §  LOOK THREE - TRUE LOVE  § § § § § § § §  

A natural nude palette, with a customized colour pop to complement your eye colour.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mittens are for outside only!

For all you beauty, skin care and anti-aging fanatics out there, managing your appearance and keeping it youthful looking does go beyond your face. It goes right down to your finger tips!

Hands are another body part that is vulnerable to the first signs of aging. According to scientific studies, your hands age faster than your face and rarely receive the same attention and care as your face.

The reason for this is because the skin on the back of the hands is thinner than your facial skin, making it more susceptible to lines, wrinkles and age spots on your hands.

Believe it or not, your hands are another prime focal point of your body and appearance, whether it is your physical gestures while speaking to others, creating a first impression while shaking hands, or performing daily tasks.  After your face, your hands are the second way to show your age. And no matter what, people will notice your hands!

To keep your hands in good shape from wrists to finger tips, here are some beauty pointers:

  • Use a moisturizing, mild pH hand soap that will clean, hydrate and keep the balance of your skin moist and soft

  • Apply hand lotion every time after washing your hands or apply hand lotion at least once a day

  • Wear a SPF 15 sunscreen on your hands

  • Always wear rubber gloves when performing household chores, especially when working with household cleaning products and chemicals

  • Protect your hands in the winter by wearing warm gloves or mittens – frostbite is a killer for your hands and skin!

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Recommended Product: HAND AND FOOT CREAM

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Friday, February 03, 2012

EG Product of the Week

With the winter temperatures dropping lower on scale, our product of the week is ElizabethGrant Skin Care’s Biocollasis™ Complex Advanced Cellular Age Defense Day Serum – guaranteed to hydrate, smooth and maintain your skin through the coldest of weather.

Over the years, our customers have raved about the Biocollasis™ Day Serum, not only for its wonderful results but for its non-greasy texture, its instant absorption into the skin and the fact that you can thriftily apply it with just two or three drops per morning – making each bottle long-lasting and affordable for your skin care routine.

This award winning, high performance serum multitasks once you apply it to your skin. It acts as an effective anti-aging treatment, an epidermal protector and deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin upon contact.

The serum contains rich, nutrient-packed ingredients such as Torricelumn™, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Collagen, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Peptides, CoQ10, Taurine, Wild Yam, Mushroom.

Deemed as the “miracle product” by many, the Biocollasis Day Serum is ideal when it comes to moisturizing, firming and improving the elasticity of your skin, at any age!

EG FUN FACT: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care was the first skin care company to put serum on the market.