Thursday, August 21, 2008

EG is up for Another FASHION Magazine Award--With Your Help

It's that time of year again where Elizabeth Grant International Inc is up for an award from Fashion Magazine in Canada----We are listed in every category as a product you can vote for---

please vote at:

And vote for your favourite EG products :-) It's a long survey and we are up for most of the categories ( if you don't see Elizabeth Grant in the drop list in alphabetical order, in some categories we are on the bottom). BUT if you don't want to fill out every section you can just push continue and it will bring you to the next question.

If you are stumped for eg products just go to our website to check out our product range:

It will take about 10 minutes and we would LOVE to win another award from them... we have won 3 years in a row now. So pretty please (with sugar on top) will you do this for my grams? Yes for all of you who don't know... Elizabeth is my grandmother.

Thank you SO much for all of your help we really appreciate this! If you are out of Canada and do not see a listing for your location.. in this case I say pick a province --just because the magazine is local, doesn't mean the award is!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elizabeth in Her Younger Years

Every so often someone approaches me and asks, what was Elizabeth like when she was younger? For me there is only one way to respond-- Exactly like she is now. She was as vibrant as she is today, as charismatic, intelligent, funny, stylish and of course--gorgeous.

She always has been a beauty, and in her younger years this was no exception--she was the envy of her peers. With jet-black hair, porcelain skin, she valued manners, intelligence and always followed her cardinal rule: "Be charming, be charming, be charming"

Her personality and charm rivaled Screen Siren Audrey Hepburn, her humor was always at par with Lucille Ball--she was a power house then, and only fine tuned her personality with age.

Take a look for yourself :-) But just a heads-up this was a promo done by TSC for her anniversary shows in July 2008-- and they can no longer offer the promo in this short :-)


Thursday, August 07, 2008

EG is riding the Pineapple Express all the way to Coldplay---

Last week was a lot of fun! After being able to run around the world seeing what's up--it is sometimes nice when the fun comes to you. The TG girls were off last week and hitting the ground running, after an impromptu invitation to the Press Screening of the movie "Pineapple Express" we couldn't stop laughing! Two hours this movie kept us entertained and rolling in the aisles. And with the recycling of movie plots these days it is always nice to be thoroughly entertained!

The following day was "Backstage with Coldplay" as they hit their press circuit for their Toronto shows. Yeah-- I did indeed just say chilling with Coldplay, but to be exact Jonny Buckland and Chris Martin. These two are disgustingly funny, we had such a nice time with them. It was just a regular day with the two of these superstars and along for the ride the ever so charming Ben Mulroney and the gorgeous Tanya Kim to add their own personal charm to the interview. Not only were we with these four outstanding individuals but to also be invited to sit in the audience ( second row, center with the press... to be exact) of their ETalk Daily Special, how could we say no?


Blogger Issues...AKA Conversation Starters

From the Desk of TG:

Hello to all of the readers out there,

Lately we have been getting a few emails in the office about some posts on the blog. We love knowing you are reading the blog, but if you have issues, or comments about what is appearing on the blog--talk about it on the blog!

We want to hear your feedback, we want to hear what you are excited about and yes... even what you are not happy about in a blogpost. So in future please direct your comments here, as the EG office staff will tell you to do the same...

Of course that is only if you feel your issue/comment is worth something-- We love hearing your feedback, we value your opinions; regardless of if you are happy/unhappy with a post, use your voice.