Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elizabeth in Her Younger Years

Every so often someone approaches me and asks, what was Elizabeth like when she was younger? For me there is only one way to respond-- Exactly like she is now. She was as vibrant as she is today, as charismatic, intelligent, funny, stylish and of course--gorgeous.

She always has been a beauty, and in her younger years this was no exception--she was the envy of her peers. With jet-black hair, porcelain skin, she valued manners, intelligence and always followed her cardinal rule: "Be charming, be charming, be charming"

Her personality and charm rivaled Screen Siren Audrey Hepburn, her humor was always at par with Lucille Ball--she was a power house then, and only fine tuned her personality with age.

Take a look for yourself :-) But just a heads-up this was a promo done by TSC for her anniversary shows in July 2008-- and they can no longer offer the promo in this short :-)


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