Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stocking Stuffing EG ENews

Sign up to ENews to get exclusive access to special offers and be the first to know about new products, sales and specials.

Go to and click "enews" to join.

After you have done this be prepared for a great gift and around XMAS it can act as an amazing stocking stuffer for friends and loved ones!

Just send your name, email and address to: for a free Elizabeth Grant cosmetic bag with sample EG product, which is your choice of either:

1) Vitamin C Eye Pads,
2) Collagen Lip Restore
3) or Caviar Hand Crème,

*******Elizabeth Grant will NEVER SHARE OR SELL your information without your authorization!************

This contest is now finished. Good luck for the next round!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Must We Redefine Man?

....Is the question Jane Goodall's mentor Louis Leakey forced Ms. Goodall to discover. Her life work began at a time when women were "not supposed" to find themselves in the jungles of Africa. This Sunday November 16th 2008, we are proud to be a part of celebrating the life and achievements of Jane Goodall. This event is literally the who's who in the merging worlds of science and entertainment. Dr. David Suzuki is the Honorary Dinner Chair, a man who has captivated the world time and time again--

I do not really have words to describe this event, however, it is an honor to share a room with people who force us to redefine ourselves in a community that is quite used to playing by roles and rules. For more information on Jane Goodall Institute please visit:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everyone Loves to be a Rock Star, Including WarrenTricomi!

Who doesn't turn around and wish they could be a rock star? I know at times I do! So what to do when you want a smashing Wednesday night with 5000 of your closest friends? Obviously you throw a wicked jam. Which is exactly what the guys from WarrenTricomi did in the Plaza hotel of Manhattan.

This formal Black and White Gala was nothing as I expected in the least, which trust me is a great thing! It was to celebrate the new WarrenTricomi Spa in the Plaza hotel, which Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is exclusively sold in NYC! The design is nothing but stunning, dynamic and creates a sexy energy as one sails in for cutting edge hair and gorgeous skin!

Add two open bars, a whole lot of New York's finest in the celeb and socialite world and you find yourself in a room where you turn to your friend with a " be right back, I'll find you" and see them only hours later.

What a way to kick off a welcome celebration to the Plaza hotel, which after this bash and these two guys, no one will ever think is "stuffy" again!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name....

We all know NYC is my favorite's my heart. So any excuse I can have to go down I take. But you add NYC and Charity--and I am there faster then you can say the boarding gate number. For any of you who do not know, one of our top charities is Gabrielle Angels Foundation--Formally known as the G&P Foundation.

It was an official name change party, with hopes to gain attention to the cause, from the sexy celebs to the a-list media who were in attendance. Even though the food was FABULOUS and the evening was something not to be missed, we always have to remember it's one thing to party --it is another to go to a beautifully orchestrated charity event. Throughout the course of the evening we raised $1.5 million dollars to help fund the fight against cancer--but not just fight it... cure it.

The evening was Gorgeous-- as I had the chance to spend time with Alan Cummings, who was telling me all about his new campaign to fight HIV/AIDS and bring attention to safe sex. Not ignorance. I cannot wait for it to come out and when it does, you know you will be the first to see it! From there he jetted out the door to Rome for the evening ( see why I love him?)

The floor was opened by a moving speech by Fergie, the Dutchess of York and closed with a motivational speech from Cancer SURVIVOR, Evan Handler--these events sometimes are not done that well.... BUT Gabrielle Angels Foundation, always delivers an amazing evening.

Never to be outdone the music heavy weights came out in force, Patti Labelle sang a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that left the room speechless. I will post the video later. And just before we began to groove I found myself chatting with Akon (ummm hello?!?) , Ashanti, Clive Owen, and Chrisitna Milian--who loved the fact I work out to some of her tunes.

I am a proud supporter of this organization, as cancer is a battle affected by everyone, and we here at EG are determined to see it cured in out lifetime!
Want more information on Gabrielle Angels Foundation?

A Bright Flare in the Beauty Biz

I love articles about the Elizabeth Grant Skincare--However I also LOVE articles about me!! Who doesn't right? But in all honesty --and with all cockiness aside, it is really nice to know the job I do is recognized. My heart is definitely in the EG Cares Role and when it first was starting I could only hope it would grow... and day by day it is! Take a glance at the write up below and if you are wanting the hard link, it is at the bottom of the page!

Junior Leader Last week, Women’s Post, the Canadian newspaper for professional gals-on-the-go, celebrated Margot Grant as their latest ‘Woman of the Day’, an award for noteworthy ladies in business. As the granddaughter of Elizabeth Grant, the original beauty guru behind homegrown skincare company Elizabeth Grant International, it would seem Margot was born to succeed. But this is one leading lady who hasn’t taken her family ties for granted. At the tender age of 24, Margot swiftly made over the company image by redesigning the company logo and creating new product packaging – all in the last year alone. Plus, she heads up the company’s charitable division, EG Cares, and acts as a liaison for their A-list fans, including former FLARE cover girl Petra Nemcova and the glow girl herself, la Lopez. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off big-time? –Megan Kirkwood