Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Is Torricelumn?

We have finally tackled this question properly, of course with the help of technology! Science, Technology, and a product that works is the real secret behind Torricelumn however we wanted to try and answer our audience with a little more clarification.

This is the science behind our main Ingredient Torricelumn. For everyone who has always wanted to know, what is Torricelumn? Here is the answer. Torricelumn is our compound, our secret formulation behind the success of EG products, and is found in every single one of our products.



Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the World is EG? Well Poland Retail is one place!

I wanted to take a moment to let our Europeans and more importantly our Polish readers know where they can find their favourite EG products! It's not just on the shopping channel anymore, you can now touch and feel at your very own local Douglas Stores!

This is just a quick post to let you know which Douglas stores are carrying EG! But don't worry to all the fans of EG out there, outside of Poland, we will be coming to a retail location for you soon!

Douglas in Poland:

1. Warsaw – Douglas in “Mokotów Gallery Center”

2. Warsaw – Douglas in “Arkadia Center”

3. Warsaw – Douglas on Chmielna Str.

4. Gdańs – Douglas in “Alfa Center”

5. Łódź – Douglas in “Manufaktura Center”

6. Olsztyn – Douglas in “Alfa Center”

We are also present in following Gler Perfume Shops:

1. Warsaw - Gler Perfume Shop in „Targówek Center”

2. Warsaw - Gler Perfume Shop in “Reduta Center”

3. Radom- Gler Perfume Shop in “M1 Center”

4. Tarnów - Gler Perfume Shop in “ECHO Center”

Now go out there and buy, buy, buy!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

From Heidi to Petra---Super Models Love EG!!

It's one of those things, is being beautiful really that easy? Of course not! Everyone needs to take care of themselves every now and then....and super models are no exception. However it is always nice to know that even the most Gorgeous Woman ( and men) actually use a few products themselves to keep them looking that way!

I am never 100% sure why I get so lucky, but frankly who can complain with helping people out in luxurious scenarios? Petra Nemcova flies into the Cote D'Azur-- after a long exhausting flight, I met with her on the private yacht she was staying on-- the timing could not have been better! As she walked in I handed over her EG goodies, when I did... she simply said , and I quote " this is EXACTLY what I needed--can you bring over some more so I can bathe in it?" bathe in it?!?!?! What a quote! For the two weeks that followed, a daily supply of EG products were personally delivered to Petra ( she's GORGEOUS). Her personal favourite? EG's Caviar Eye Pads...they really are something fantastic.

Which brings us to Vogue, yes the fashion magazine... the guru of the fashion world. We were asked to contribute to their editor's bag (oh my!) for their most recent function in NYC. What does every woman ( and man) on the go need to make sure they always look like they have had 8 hours of sleep? Yes you guessed it Caviar Eye Pads! How do we know this? Because Heidi Klum--yes the body herself, got her hands on the Caviar Eye Pads and called the very next day first thing in the AM to request more!

For more information about EG Caviar Eye Pads go to: