Friday, July 11, 2008

Where in the World is EG? Well Poland Retail is one place!

I wanted to take a moment to let our Europeans and more importantly our Polish readers know where they can find their favourite EG products! It's not just on the shopping channel anymore, you can now touch and feel at your very own local Douglas Stores!

This is just a quick post to let you know which Douglas stores are carrying EG! But don't worry to all the fans of EG out there, outside of Poland, we will be coming to a retail location for you soon!

Douglas in Poland:

1. Warsaw – Douglas in “Mokotów Gallery Center”

2. Warsaw – Douglas in “Arkadia Center”

3. Warsaw – Douglas on Chmielna Str.

4. Gdańs – Douglas in “Alfa Center”

5. Łódź – Douglas in “Manufaktura Center”

6. Olsztyn – Douglas in “Alfa Center”

We are also present in following Gler Perfume Shops:

1. Warsaw - Gler Perfume Shop in „Targówek Center”

2. Warsaw - Gler Perfume Shop in “Reduta Center”

3. Radom- Gler Perfume Shop in “M1 Center”

4. Tarnów - Gler Perfume Shop in “ECHO Center”

Now go out there and buy, buy, buy!



Ariane Sommer said...

Hi Margot,

I have to thank you and your company for making me feel more comfortable in my skin than ever.
Since I have been religiously using your stuff my skin glows and the compliments keep coming!
A warm hug from Los Angeles,

Sven0909 said...

I hope, that EG Cosmetic comes at Douglas to Germany too;)

Sven0909 said...
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