Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Year's Eve Beauty Essentials - Post Party Snooze

You were the life and soul of the party, and that can take its toll. Use these tricks to recoup at a rapid rate. 

For Removing Your Makeup…After hours of wear, remove your makeup after welcoming in 2012 with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Biocollasis Complex Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This lightweight product removes all eye makeup with one swipe and is gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

For Washing Away Your Party Face and Soothing Your Skin…Remove oil and grime and condition your skin with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Socializer Daily Cleanse and Daily Tone. Super foaming, the Daily Cleanse removes oil and grime and get skin squeaky clean for hitting the pillow. Follow the face wash with the Daily Tone, which removes dead skin cells and reduces oil to reveal radiant, fresh and healthy looking skin. 

For Looking Like Your Late Night Never Happened…Use Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Firming Eye Pads. These pads are all about firming and de-puffing any bags under the eyes. After a simple and quick application, eyes look firmer and revived. Even on little sleep, you are able to look rested and bright.

New Year's Eve Beauty Essentials: Beauty Must-Haves For Your Party Purse

You've only got so much room in a stylish clutch- find out which beauty products you won't want to be without while you celebrate the night away.

For Makeup Touch-Ups…Preserve your evening eye makeup with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Eye Shadow Triple Trio. This palette is available in three different colour shades and comes in a compact form, complete with a mirror to perform easy touch-ups throughout the night

For The Party Pout…With your lip colour already in place, keep your lips looking smooth, plump and shimmering with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Intensive Collagen Lip Plumper. This product goes on clear and will keep your lips moisturized as you celebrate.

For Feeling Fresh…From celebrating from sunset to sunrise, remain fresh and nicely fragrant with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Elegante or La Femme Perfume Gel. This perfect on-the-go perfume gel comes in a compact tube, ideal for fitting into your purse and for applying in an instant to freshen up. 

New Year's Beauty Essentials - Pre-Party Prep

Whether you are celebrating the end to an amazing year or ushering in a fresh start for yourself in 2012, you probably not want to only feel good, but look better doing it. Looking your best on New Year’s Eve does not have to require a ton of effort to upkeep and with our celebratory beauty essentials from Elizabeth Grant Skin Care, you will be able to wave goodbye to 2011 and say hello to 2012 in style.

For Your Face…Maintain a hydrated and smooth complexion for hours upon hours with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s 24 Hour Super Hydrating Cream. This cream will keep your skin smooth and fresh looking as you celebrate late into the night.

For Your Makeup…Prep your skin for long-lasting makeup with Elizabeth Grant’s Beautiful Colours Professional Makeup Primer. This product creates perfect facial canvas for makeup, helping to mattify the skin to ensure your makeup stays as fresh-looking as it was when first applied to your face.

For Your Lips…Keep your colour of choice locked on your lips all night long with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s At Last Lipstain. Our Lipstain remains on your pout between 6 to 8 hours, keeping your lips glamorous as you ring in the New Year.
For Your Body…Use Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Soleil Smart Body Bronzer. Apply a few hours before the big bash and your skin will be moisturized with a safe and natural looking sun-kissed glow. A pre-bronzing tip: exfoliate before applying!

For Your Nails…Maintain your party mani with Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s Beautiful Colours Top and Base Coat. This three-in-one product keeps your nails shining while strengthening and protecting the life of your manicure.