Monday, May 29, 2006

The Grand Finale

Just posting a couple of pictures for once! Check back for the stories at a later time--we apologize for any inconvienance this may cause you, but frankly the only thing that we can concentrate on is our beds.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Definitely a Night to Remember

Seems like every night in Monaco is one to remember, but last night was especially fantastic. The EG girls met the gang at The Beach Plaza for dinner. Great food and great company which included international jet setters and we were entertained all night by Steven Soderbergh's witty repoire.

From dinner we went on to the Superman party which was on a 3 level floating dock and the night really took off from there. We met so many great people and made some exciting connections- but you will have to wait for more on that!

The evening ended in the early morning (6am!!!) and 2 very tired EG girls got a little rest. But who needs rest when you have rejuvenating EG serums to use!

We woke up this morning to the sounds of VERY loud F1 race cars and quickly headed up to the roof to watch the Grand Prix. The race was so overwhelming and exciting to see. Pictures will be up soon.

Now we are waiting for the roads to reopen and then we are off to the yacht once again to make sure everyone is loving their Elizabeth Grant Skincare!

The Yacht!

My Yacht Monaco through a huge party on Friday night! Dj's, dancing, nibblies and champagne! Elizabeth Grant products were dispersed all over the boat- including the private cabins. Each cabin had perfume, travel kits, and luxious hand towels all provided by Elizabeth Grant. The night went on until past 3 am! Starting around 2 all the guest at the party received gorgoeus Elizabeth Grant goodie bags. Everyone was clamouring to get their hands on one of the black and gold bags.

The crowd was up for a big party as everyone was celebrating the Grand Prix weekend! Steven Soderbergh loved his Elizabeth Grant swag. Even the Prince of Monaco made an appearance towards the end of the night and stayed for several drinks. All in all a VERY sucessful party and gift bag sponsored by the one and only Elizabeth Grant!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Elizabeth in Cannes

Elizabeth continues to make a big splash in Cannes! First thing this morning we had a videographer documenting Elizabeth. While she was touring around with the camera we had journalist upon journalist in the tent requesting interview times with her. On her return to the Nikki Beach tent, she found a few minutes to speak with journalists from New York, Australia, and South Beach. We'll make sure to put the links up here as soon as the articles come out!

The tent was busy once again! Famous stylist George Blodwell came in to speak with Elizabeth. Yesterday we had given him some skincare and he also took some for Faye Dunaway who he was glamming up for the red carpet. He told Elizabeth today that both he and Faye fell in love with the EG skincare line. George also told Elizabeth that he would be using the Essence around his eyes to make sure he looked perfect for the red carpet tonight. Even a famous stylist needs a little skincare boost after a long day running around Cannes!
Make sure to check back tomorrow as we are expecting some more big names to come meet with us at the Nikki Beach tent!

Ooops! Almost forgot- the FTV yacht heard the buzz about how great Elizabeth Grant Skincare is and requested a shipment for their onboard guests!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catch Up!

Sorry it has been awhile since our last blog... but the EG ladies have been slammed in the Nikki Beach tent with celebs galore!

Let me update you from where we last left off. May 21st the gift lounge was filled with 'important' industry people. They may not be the big celebrity names you know- but while in Cannes these ARE the people you want to be meeting with! We had the producers from Platoon spend a lot of time with us- they just couldn't get enough of the Elizabeth Grant Skincare- and also had the director of the film 'World Trade Center'. If there are any big house music fans out there, you will appreciate this: we had Cathy Guetta (wife of famous French DJ David Guetta) come and meet with us to learn about the line. She even came back a few minutes after we were done chatting to stock up on even MORE Elizabeth Grant.

Yesterday was a huge day for big names coming through to meet with us. Paris Hilton stopped by and picked up not 1, not 2, but 3 gift bags of Elizabeth Grant Skincare! She tells us that she LOVES the gold packaging and LOVES that the serums are the perfect remedy for red skin after a day tanning in the Mediterranean sun! Kelsy Grammer also stopped in with his wife to chat and test out the skincare. Possibly the biggest name of the day.... 50 Cent! Can't wait until we have the exclusive pictures of that to share with you!!!

And finally, we are caught up to today- Elizabeth Grant arrives!!! The fabulous Elizabeth arrived to our tent mid afternoon looking gorgeous and not the slightest bit jet legged (ahhh- the magic of Torricelumn!)- everyone was so excited to finally meet the real woman behind the name. Elizabeth graciously greeted everyone in the tent- and even spent a little time doling out some of her expert skincare advice. We managed to get some fantastic photos with Elizabeth and gorgeous actor Scott Mechklowicz (Eurotrip). Scott was absolutely amazed to meet Elizabeth all the way from Canada and also spent a great deal of time learning about the line. He tells us that he will be using the EG AM Serum as an aftershave!!!

And... the perfect end to yet another exciting day- Nick Nolte made a quick appearance to pick up EG skincare and some other fabulous goodies.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Stars are Shining!

Between yesterday and today- the gift lounge has been jam packed with celebrities and A List insiders! We hate to dissapoint, but we still have no pictures to post. Tomorrow we plan to beg our photographer to give us first dibs on the exclusive pics. Stay tuned.

Yesterday Ethan Hawke and 'Will and Grace's' Bobby Cannavalle came through. We also had Ian Ziering of 90210 fame and Petra Nemakova. Boyfriend Bruce Willis was supposed to show, but got held up- we are still expecting him early next week. X-Men 3 seems to love the lounge at Nikki Beach. Each day we have had a few cast members and numerous producers. More and more talent from the film are showing up because word on the 'X-Men 3 Yacht' is that Elizabeth Grant is the woman to get to know! Brett Rattner and Dania Rameriz yesterday, Sir Ian McKellan and Mae today, and Famke Jansen tomorrow!

The young jet set Hollywood scene has also arrived in Cannes. Tara Reid stopped by with her agent Hopy- who is already a big fan. Tomorrow... Paris Hilton.

Last night was a big night for the Elizabeth Grant ladies. We hit up Nikki Beach for dinner than found our way to the Fashion TV yacht. Celebrities spotted onboard- Danny Masterson and Ian Ziering once again!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Festival is in Full Swing!

An amazing day in the Nikki Beach talent lounge! We have great pictures that we will post tomorrow- make sure to come back and check them out. The day started off with a lot of French press- all the journalists were won over by Elizabeth Grant! Studio Magazine spent a lot of time learning about the wonderful world of Torricelumn! Link to follow...
Lots of celebrities and big industry names came through today- Bai Ling, Da Vinci Code producer, Nadia Bronson, Ron Howard's wife and daughter (Cheryl and Jocelyn), and Sherry Lansing. Everyone was so gracious to be receiving the Elizabeth Grant exclusive Cannes Beach Tote filled to the brim with products.
Check back tomorrow for today's pictures and more news- but in the meantime we leave you with the view from our 'office'.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our 'Office' Cannes

Check out our 'office'! After a long day setting up yesterday- we are MORE than satisfied with our office for the next 2 weeks! Elizabeth Grant is front and center in the Chopard tent- you can't miss us... and neither can the celebrities!

Nikki Beach is looking gorgeous- white linen beds against the blue ocean backdrop.
The streets are flooded with celebrities (Eric Stoltz, Paul Bettany, and the Eurpoean Vogue editor to name a few) and the paparazzi are everywhere.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Yacht Monaco

It seems that in my last post, in my excitment to descibe the upcoming events at Nikki Beach in Cannes, I neglected to tell the full story on My Yacht Monaco.

My Yacht Monaco is a 200ft yacht that is going to be moored in the Monte Carlo harbour throughout the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix brings out not only race fans, but also celebrites, supermodels, and jet setters that all want to be a part of this very glam 4 day event.

The luxury yacht will be catering to VIP race fans during the day- it's the perfect place to sit in the sun and watch the action (while protecting their golden skin with Elizabeth Grant's Body Treatment SPF 30 I might add!) In the evening, My Yacht Monaco will be hosting very exclusive private parties with 5 star catering, champagne, DJ's and dancing. Guests will be treated like royalty (alongside the royalty of Monaco!) with onboard spa services and Elizabeth Grant Skincare.

My Yacht Moanco is going to be the premier destination for royalty, jet setters, and celebrities arriving from Cannes. Again- stay tuned for stories from this luxury yacht- the Elizabeth Grant reps will be onboard pamperering guests starting May 25th.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Introduction- Elizabeth Grant is going to Cannes!

Hi Everyone! This blog has been created with the idea to let all 'Torricleumn Girls' out there know about the news and exciting happenings at Elizabeth Grant Skincare. Please read on because there is a lot happening over the next little while!

As you may already know, EG is a very philanthropic company involved in many charitable events around the world- such as LA Lakers Celebrity Charity Poker Night, MusiCares and the Grammy Foundation, the Children's Diabetes Association, the MS Society of Canada, and many other organizations too numerous to mention here.

EG also gets involved in a lot of high profile events as a great way to promote and teach people about the skincare line. Here is a picture of Haylie Duff (who loves Extreme Line Treatment for Lips!) at the last major event we did in LA in honour of the Oscar's. EG's next major event is known as the biggest red carpet event of the year.... the Cannes Film Festival!

Elizabeth Grant has been asked to take part in the Nikki Beach Talent Lounge at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes for 2 weeks! We are heading to the South of France next week and we will keep you updated on what celebrities are using EG and what they have to say about the line. Expect to read a lot of exciting stories here! After Cannes, we will head to the Monaco Grand Prix where we will also be promoting the line.

Please keep checking back as we hope to update you regulary from the red carpet!