Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catch Up!

Sorry it has been awhile since our last blog... but the EG ladies have been slammed in the Nikki Beach tent with celebs galore!

Let me update you from where we last left off. May 21st the gift lounge was filled with 'important' industry people. They may not be the big celebrity names you know- but while in Cannes these ARE the people you want to be meeting with! We had the producers from Platoon spend a lot of time with us- they just couldn't get enough of the Elizabeth Grant Skincare- and also had the director of the film 'World Trade Center'. If there are any big house music fans out there, you will appreciate this: we had Cathy Guetta (wife of famous French DJ David Guetta) come and meet with us to learn about the line. She even came back a few minutes after we were done chatting to stock up on even MORE Elizabeth Grant.

Yesterday was a huge day for big names coming through to meet with us. Paris Hilton stopped by and picked up not 1, not 2, but 3 gift bags of Elizabeth Grant Skincare! She tells us that she LOVES the gold packaging and LOVES that the serums are the perfect remedy for red skin after a day tanning in the Mediterranean sun! Kelsy Grammer also stopped in with his wife to chat and test out the skincare. Possibly the biggest name of the day.... 50 Cent! Can't wait until we have the exclusive pictures of that to share with you!!!

And finally, we are caught up to today- Elizabeth Grant arrives!!! The fabulous Elizabeth arrived to our tent mid afternoon looking gorgeous and not the slightest bit jet legged (ahhh- the magic of Torricelumn!)- everyone was so excited to finally meet the real woman behind the name. Elizabeth graciously greeted everyone in the tent- and even spent a little time doling out some of her expert skincare advice. We managed to get some fantastic photos with Elizabeth and gorgeous actor Scott Mechklowicz (Eurotrip). Scott was absolutely amazed to meet Elizabeth all the way from Canada and also spent a great deal of time learning about the line. He tells us that he will be using the EG AM Serum as an aftershave!!!

And... the perfect end to yet another exciting day- Nick Nolte made a quick appearance to pick up EG skincare and some other fabulous goodies.

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dianadifrancesco said...

I'm glad to see you ladies are having fun and spreading the EG love! I have to tell you, the Elizabeth Grant After Sun that I used last week worked wonders as - for the first time in my life - my lobster-red burn has turned into a real, honest to goodness suntan! Hooray for Elizabeth Grant!

Oh, and your pictures are coming soon...