Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Festival is in Full Swing!

An amazing day in the Nikki Beach talent lounge! We have great pictures that we will post tomorrow- make sure to come back and check them out. The day started off with a lot of French press- all the journalists were won over by Elizabeth Grant! Studio Magazine spent a lot of time learning about the wonderful world of Torricelumn! Link to follow...
Lots of celebrities and big industry names came through today- Bai Ling, Da Vinci Code producer, Nadia Bronson, Ron Howard's wife and daughter (Cheryl and Jocelyn), and Sherry Lansing. Everyone was so gracious to be receiving the Elizabeth Grant exclusive Cannes Beach Tote filled to the brim with products.
Check back tomorrow for today's pictures and more news- but in the meantime we leave you with the view from our 'office'.

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hemphill said...

WOW! Life sure is interesting for you. I am a true believer in EG's torricelumn. I, personally, have used several of your products with your special serum in it. Honest, all kidding aside, I have been told I look more youthful when I use your 'essence of torricelumn'. Lately I have been using your 'skin renewal serum' and find it stays with me all day. Have fun! Keep us posted. Give Tom Hanks a kiss for me.