Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Elizabeth in Cannes

Elizabeth continues to make a big splash in Cannes! First thing this morning we had a videographer documenting Elizabeth. While she was touring around with the camera we had journalist upon journalist in the tent requesting interview times with her. On her return to the Nikki Beach tent, she found a few minutes to speak with journalists from New York, Australia, and South Beach. We'll make sure to put the links up here as soon as the articles come out!

The tent was busy once again! Famous stylist George Blodwell came in to speak with Elizabeth. Yesterday we had given him some skincare and he also took some for Faye Dunaway who he was glamming up for the red carpet. He told Elizabeth today that both he and Faye fell in love with the EG skincare line. George also told Elizabeth that he would be using the Essence around his eyes to make sure he looked perfect for the red carpet tonight. Even a famous stylist needs a little skincare boost after a long day running around Cannes!
Make sure to check back tomorrow as we are expecting some more big names to come meet with us at the Nikki Beach tent!

Ooops! Almost forgot- the FTV yacht heard the buzz about how great Elizabeth Grant Skincare is and requested a shipment for their onboard guests!

1 comment:

hemphill said...

Can this get any more exciting! I believe you actually have your own celeb with Elizabeth Grant. What is her secret to fighting that age old problem of jetlag? What would she recommend using after all those many hours of flight.
I find all the Elizabeth Grant line packaging sophisticated but edgy. No wonder the celebs are drawn to them. Have more fun.