Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our 'Office' Cannes

Check out our 'office'! After a long day setting up yesterday- we are MORE than satisfied with our office for the next 2 weeks! Elizabeth Grant is front and center in the Chopard tent- you can't miss us... and neither can the celebrities!

Nikki Beach is looking gorgeous- white linen beds against the blue ocean backdrop.
The streets are flooded with celebrities (Eric Stoltz, Paul Bettany, and the Eurpoean Vogue editor to name a few) and the paparazzi are everywhere.

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jmayj said...

It is raining here on the east coast of the Great Lakes and I am excited to read about your adventures in sunny Europe - the people you see, how they use your products and more. The shopping must be amazing! Tell me about your sunscreens for the face - my face always burns and we are expecting an exceptionally warm summer here? Did any celebrities receive your sunscreen? Travel well.