Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everyone Loves to be a Rock Star, Including WarrenTricomi!

Who doesn't turn around and wish they could be a rock star? I know at times I do! So what to do when you want a smashing Wednesday night with 5000 of your closest friends? Obviously you throw a wicked jam. Which is exactly what the guys from WarrenTricomi did in the Plaza hotel of Manhattan.

This formal Black and White Gala was nothing as I expected in the least, which trust me is a great thing! It was to celebrate the new WarrenTricomi Spa in the Plaza hotel, which Elizabeth Grant Skin Care is exclusively sold in NYC! The design is nothing but stunning, dynamic and creates a sexy energy as one sails in for cutting edge hair and gorgeous skin!

Add two open bars, a whole lot of New York's finest in the celeb and socialite world and you find yourself in a room where you turn to your friend with a " be right back, I'll find you" and see them only hours later.

What a way to kick off a welcome celebration to the Plaza hotel, which after this bash and these two guys, no one will ever think is "stuffy" again!

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