Thursday, November 13, 2008

Must We Redefine Man?

....Is the question Jane Goodall's mentor Louis Leakey forced Ms. Goodall to discover. Her life work began at a time when women were "not supposed" to find themselves in the jungles of Africa. This Sunday November 16th 2008, we are proud to be a part of celebrating the life and achievements of Jane Goodall. This event is literally the who's who in the merging worlds of science and entertainment. Dr. David Suzuki is the Honorary Dinner Chair, a man who has captivated the world time and time again--

I do not really have words to describe this event, however, it is an honor to share a room with people who force us to redefine ourselves in a community that is quite used to playing by roles and rules. For more information on Jane Goodall Institute please visit:

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