Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day Four!!

It really is quite funny writing the blog after the fact--at moments like this all I can say is THANK YOU APRIL for the re-cap in the word document ;-)
As the days flew by transitioning from day to night to the early AM it was funny when the weekend approached. Weekends normally means relaxation and possible sleep-ins--but this was not the the case to the Torricelumn Girls-- even though, at moments , we truly wished it did!

Friday rolled out after as previously mentioned, that 5am bedtime. We hit the ground running (literally) back to the beach . Usually a run to the beach is indicative of a gorgeous tan but for us the run to the beach just meant a massive workout - No complaints though how else were we going to work off those delicious pain au chocolates?

This Friday was a brilliant press day-- We arrived at our gorgeous office, yes we worked on a beach..... it's a tough job readers' but we were up to the challenge! We stumbled upon the UK Press Luncheon and would you believe it they were more interested in their Elizabeth Grant Goody Bags than they were about the real reason they were at their luncheon! Even though we were a hit with all of them the coordinators asked us if we could keep the bags hidden till the end of the lunch as it was hard to keep everyone's attention on the movies..... Oops. At least the recipients were happy!

That afternoon our French Phone Rings and it is an Italian TV program-- they were interested in any and all of our celebrities who love our product, because let's face it, once anyone tries Elizabeth Grant Products, they are instantly addicted and in love. And we can't blame them... this is one addiction no one has to get treatment for ;-) The Italian TV program asked us for permission for future filming of EG to attend other festivals or awards ceremonies... let's think about that for a second? Bien Sur!!!!


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