Monday, June 09, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day 7!!!!

Day Six ( no not page 6--sorry I couldn't resist!) was hard to top. I think we were still relaxing on the Yacht when our phones began to ring. It was Lady Victoria Hervey - she wanted us to be part of her charity event!! As we were working our first day we put aside 6 bags for her to make sure her VIP's could get their hands on our goodies!

However on the morning of day 7 as I started this blog with, our phone is madly ringing and an excited Lady V on the other line was saying not only have the bags been delivered to Allie Sims, Adrian Brody ( Ummm hello?!!?) Kate Hudson... but now she needs more, she needs for Salma Hayek, Goldie Hawn and Eva Mendes.....

Who else got their hands on their goodies----
- Luxxaro publishing/ magazine
- Gifted head of Sofitel
- Gifted Ambassador of Philippines

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