Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day Three!

How do we top such a great day - great for both Business and Pleasure? Oh I know--by ensuring that each day that follows maintains the the same level or better!!! Everyday we walked to our office at the White Lotus Atrium Beach and spent the days looking into the gorgeous, blue Mediterranean Sea, listening to the groovin' sounds of the on-site live DJ accompanied by the live Jamba-Bongo Players ( in mighty fine outfits -the on site day entertainment were instructed under the Grecian Gladiator theme!)

But remember I told you we spread ourselves across Cannes and couldn't leave our friends at Nikki Beach behind so we also "set up shop" there! We made sure we would give everyone the pleasure of EG! And who by chance received our Cannes bags this particular day? None other then Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg..... Ya not only were these men thrilled to receive these unisex ,loved by all genders, skincare---but they couldn't wait to grab two extra bags for their significant others ;-)

April was approached to write an article for the official Cannes Blog about Elizabeth Grant Skincare and Margot Grant- We were really excited about this because it shows that the buzz about EG is really growing and we found that this year, in Cannes, we were sought our more that having to do the searching!! And instead of just a quick title mentionwe had a significant chunk of the blog!!

To Finish the Day we were approached by French TV- VSD. We met them on beach and they wanted to film us for the day. We decided this would be a good idea to get some more footage of Hofit! So they followed us to yacht Harle to film us doing a gifting-- it wasn't a huge production BUT definitely worthwhile and very satisfying for us :-)


So how on Earth do we work all day and not go out? Especially in the Fabulousness of Cannes! So we went to two parties, ya I did say two :-) First we had to stop by Mumm's Champagne Party at Atrium White Lotus--- theme parties with free champagne is always a good time! Once we spent a couple hours there we made our way across the street.... to the famous Nikki Club (located this year at the Palais Stephanie) where we partied at the ASW party hobnobbing with talent beyond words and finished our evening at around 4am to make sure we could climb into bed for 5am--Thank God for Biocollasis Eye Cream and Torricelumn because no one needed to know what time we really went to bed ;-)


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