Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cannes and Back Again Day One!

So Sorry about the delay on all the gossip from Cannes. The wifi and internet connection didn't seem to be in our cards in our luxury penthouse apartment... and from the day we started and were out the door--we never really returned except for a few precious hours of sleep! And by few... I mean - really a few!

From the moment we arrived in glorious Cannes we had adventures galore - from the airport to the beach we never stopped running around - and, oh dear - hardly had any time for stopping... except for a few bites at Lenotre... our favourite Cafe in all of Cannes!

So lets get to the long overdue facts and breakdowns!!! As we arrived at our Office, the gorgeous White Lotus Atrium beach and were starting to prepare the gorgeous set-up we, your Torricleumn Girls were invited to take part in the exclusive re-launch of Emmanuelle. Ha! Ha!! Immediately afterwards we were interviewed for MSN!!! Daily blog double mention!! Amazing ? Yes! (we thought so too! ) The Torricelumn buzz had begun.

We had a full day of planning that followed... but boy was it worth it!


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