Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a Reaction!

These 2 pictures were just sent to me by the producer of the talent lounge at Nikki Beach for the Cannes Film Festival. What do you think Depardieu is reacting to?! I think he has just been told what Torricelumn will do for his skin!

Here he is holding the Elizabeth Grant Cannes Beach Bag and listening intently while being told about all the skincare goodies inside.

Here- reacting to the fact that his skin will soon be glowing and will look 10 years younger thanks to Elizabeth Grant!

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hemphill said...

Hey Elizabeth,
Just got caught up on your blog. Great pictures and stories. The Bullrun sounded fascinating - and now a Bullrun product.
This summer has seen me using EG's sunscreen skincare. A definite must have with our crazy weather. More important is I can't start my day without my Torricelumn Pur Skin Renewal Cream. I am just getting ready to rebuy some before I totally run out.