Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Products!

I have 2 very new and very exciting products to tell you about! Elizabeth Grant has just launched 2 new products for the Biocollasis line- an eye cream and a day cream. Both products really get that skin glowing and rejuvenated just like the original Biocollasis Night Cream (which launched in January and sold out for weeks immediately after!).

The eye cream is absolutely amazing. I always think that if there is one product you should be completely loyal to- and use every day- it's a good eye cream. The Biocollasis eye cream is super hydrating and works on the cellular level- so you know the nourishment is getting deep down into those fine lines around the eye area and plumping them up.

As for the day cream- it's a skin saviour - improves both fine lines and deep lines and increases hydration by 100%. This day cream is a little different than most high end anti-aging creams out there- it's a super light weight consistancy. But don't let that fool you beacuse it's a very potent cocktail of age fighting nutrients- just that it doesn't sit on top of the skin and clog pores like a lot of the heavier anti-aging creams out there do.

If you want to read more about the science behind it and what Biocollasis does, you can check out my press release here.

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hemphill said...

I am a person definitely in need of eye cream. I suffer allergies like crazy and where does it show up the most - the eyes. My itching and rubbing causes me to get dark circles around the eyes and get dehydratred as well. I look forward to trying this new product. To me, eyes are the most important feaure on the face next to kissable lips. Good job Elizabeth for recognizing the need for eye cream.