Friday, August 04, 2006

Bullrun 2006- Final Party LA

Late Friday afternoon, the Bullrunners all made it safely to their final checkpoint in LA- the Beverly Hilton. In their honor, Bullrun organizers put together a huge party at new Hollywood 'it' spot The Social. Although the Bullrunners should have been exhausted after 8000 miles and many many tickets, they were still up for a big night. Awards were handed out, The Cuban Bros danced, and even a few more celebrities showed up- including one of our favourites- Shaun Toub (who also happens to be a big fan of Elizabeth Grant Skincare!). Peter Witz was also on hand to do more massage for tired drivers. He was such a hit in Toronto, they decided to set him up to do his thing at the checkpoints in San Diego and LA. Of course, the Elizabeth Grant Bullrun Backrub was also on hand and given out to party guests.
I didn't have a camera at The Social, but Jalopnik Editor Davey Johnson was super kind and sent me a couple of pictures from the after party in Carl Lewis's room at the Beverly Hilton.

Bullrun Driver Carl Lewis

Davey G. Johnson, Jalopnik

Keep checking back as Elizabeth Grant starts gearing up for the Emmy Awards in LA and the upcoming Toronto Film Festival.

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