Thursday, August 31, 2006

Showtime Pre-Emmy Gift Suite

Emmy week in LA was certainly busy and the Showtime Emmy Suite was a huge success. I am still waiting to get back the pictures from the 2 day event held at Cooley Estate in the Hancock Park area of LA. There are going to be some great shots to post due to the sheer star power that showed up to sample Elizabeth Grant and some other fabulous products, clothing, and accessories.
The Showtime event was definitely one of the best events that Elizabeth Grant has particpated in- best described as a garden party- but with a pool, mojitos galore, models, spa treatments, and even a hair salon on-site. Not to mention all the famous celebrities walking around and mingling! Elizabeth Grant also got some great coverage in the news- we were featured on CNBC!
Lacey Charbert, Marcia Cross, Sophia Bush, Blythe Danner- just to name a few- came by and picked up Elizabeth Grant prodcuts. Specifically, for those who like to know what the celebrities are using- they picked up products from the Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis line (the night cream and the brand new day and eye creams). As usual, everyone was remarking how fabulous the packaging is!
Our friend George Blodwell also stopped by- whom we haven't seen since the Cannes Film Festival in May! The Elizabeth Grant stock was completely depleted by the time we saw him unfortunately- so on his request we are sending those serums which he and his good friend (and client) Faye Dunaway love so much.
I found one picture from Getty images to leave you with for the time being until we get the rest of the pictures from Showtime.

Lisa Edelstein- from the nominated show House- also snagged Elizabeth Grant Skincare.

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