Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello EG-lovers,

From Oscar buzz to the award floor, the A-Lister's of Hollywood has been calling EG Headquarters, curious on if the Torricelumn Girls will be on location. What can I say, can you blame them? We Can't! So I think we are going to pop down, however we do not want to cross any picket lines, so TG will keep you posted!

It's the year of the rat, that's right the natural leaders of the Chinese Calendar, why is this so important? Good question, the answer? Because both of the Main EG girls, grandmother and granddaughter, fall under the rat sign. This means BIG things for the upcoming year, and as I mentioned before, big things, example our expansion into the Japan Market! How amazing is that?

Thank you so much for your wonderful emails to me about the debut, I very much appreciate your kind words and support. And what an overwhelming response I received for the contest, which is at this point closed, we drew our ten lucky contestants last week and they will be notified by email on their success!

Keep reading, I promise it will be updated more often, and more news will come along with the contests! But I want to HEAR FROM YOU, your thoughts, your opinions, your feedback, you the consumer are who we work for and care about... keep us in the loop about your opinions, just mark the subject line FEEDBACK.

Keep smiling and may 2008 bring you health, wealth and happiness to each of you.

PS a new contest will be up in the next couple of posts :-) ( what can I say, I love contests!)


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