Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Dynasty Revealed.

So it finally took place, the one and only EG took pride to introduce her granddaughter, Margot Grant on air this past weekend. Margot for the past two years has been traveling around the globe representing her grandmother at a-list events. It was with extreme pride and joy that Margot took her place next to her grandmother on air. It is only a matter of time before we see a new launch and a new venture for the growth and expansion of the house of EG. Something that both Grant girls are quite excited about. Stay tuned though for this powerhouse duo has big plans for where EG can go in the future.

So to celebrate Margot wants to give away 10 YES 10 Vitamin C kits she was selling on air. "This is a treat to celebrate the much anticipated introduction of me under the teachings of my grandmother to her girls and to the all of her girls around the world."

The ten kits include: the vitamin c day and night serums, and the vitamin c day and night treatments. If you are interested please email: keyword: DYNASTY



Bailey said...

Congratulations Margot. Your position in the EG company sounds exciting. Thanks for putting together this contest. Hope I am one of the winners.

Torricelumn Girl said...

hi Bailey,
Did you send me an email with your shipping address?

and thank you for the congratulations