Monday, January 07, 2008

Charity is an Amazing Thing.

Reader's in today's age its too easy to forget to give back every now and then--However Elizabeth Grant understands and appreciates the power of giving.
EG has been very fortunate this year to be working with some amazing charities:

1) The London Red Cross ( Where the Celebrity Crowd was dressed in their finest Honky-Tonk Black Tie--Cowboy themed event. Where the celebrity who's who were wowed by their gift bags. Roberto Cavalli was thrilled to get his hands on the goody bag (retail value $500.00) which included the Elizabeth Grant Exclusive range along with the brand new 24-Hour body cream. Who else got it? Kimberly Stewart, Liz Fuller, Model Caprice, British Pop Sensation Girl's Aloud, Model Hofit Golan, Molly Bedingfield, international powerhouse Francesca Versace.

Want to get your hands on the London Red Cross Goody Bag? We have 20 to give away, reply to with all your details and enter the draw to win your very own bag, the key word is the LONDON RED CROSS

2) The G & P foundation ( ): This is an amazing foundation! Denise Rich started this foundation after the passing of her daughter Gabrielle, who had a 4 year battle against Leukemia. Sadly she lost her battle but before she left this world her mission was to create the G & P foundation with her husband, in hopes that others in this world would not have to go through the same battle she did. This organization's sole determination is to make sure we can beat the fight against cancer. Every 2 years the G&P foundation holds the infamous black-tie event named the Angel Ball in hopes to raise funding to fight the battle against cancer. Their goal is to raise money in order to fund up and coming research grants to scientists around the world.

Well EG heard about this foundation and just had to get more involved, we have been supporting them for a couple years now but decided to step it up even more. We here created the Gabrielle Fragrance, in honor of Gabrielle where 50% of the sale from EACH bottle will go back to the G&P foundation. Above that we wanted to be able to do more for the foundation and created a matching body lotion and body wash in able to donate back to the foundation. Take a look at the product in the above link, but it's a gorgeous fragrance---one of which Denise Rich herself says "Captured the Essence of Gabrielle Perfectly, and Makes me feel that Gabrielle is right here with me"


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