Monday, July 24, 2006

Bullrun Red Carpet in Toronto!

Bullrun drivers and celebrities barelled into Toronto late Saturday evening for a huge red carpet event hosted by Elizabeth Grant Skincare at Century Room on trendy King St West. The Bullrun is a glamourous and high profile car rally that goes from New York to LA over the course of a week. The rally stops in different cities each night to party the night away.
The Bullrun Red Carpet event presented by Eizabeth Grant Skincare started around 9 pm with local Toronto VIP's arriving first to enjoy food, champagne, and dancing. Also on-site, a masseuse, a graffiti artisit, drummers, and waitresses dressed in mechanic coveralls (obviously with a few alterations!). The massuese on site, Peter Witz- owner of the Chinese Therapeutic Healing Center, gave the drivers shoulder massages with the Elizabeth Grant Bullrun Backrub to help heal and soothe their tired backs after a long day driving in from NYC.
Bullrunners started to show up to walk the red carpet around 11 pm. eTalk daily was on hand to do interviews as the drivers came into the club. Tons of photographers also set up along the red carpet to get pictures of the drivers and celebrities such as Carl Lewis, Corey Haim, and Cory Feldman.
The party had great energy thanks to the Bullrunners! From what I have heard, Toronto is already hoping that the Bullrun will make a stop north of the border again next year- Bullrunners definitely left a few admiring fans in their dust!

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