Friday, December 01, 2006

Airplane Approved Beauty for the Holidays

With all the recent changes to airport security over the last few months, it can certainly leave the beauty obsessed a little confused. The rules were ever changing up until a few months ago, but it seems the TSA has now settled on what exactly is allowed in your carry on. Click here to read the rules and regs for your most prized beauty products.
The basics? You can bring on liquids and gels in containers under 3 ounces as long as they all fit in a 7.5 x 8 Ziploc. A few weeks ago at Pearson they were still handing out the Ziplocs for passengers, but now with the holiday season upon us- don't count on it. Instead- make things easier at security with this clear Chanel bag. As was so brilliantly pointed out in Vogue last month, it's perfect for all your carry on products.

By the way, there ARE some Elizabeth Grant products that fit the bill if you can't leave home without your Torricelumn. Try the EG travel sizes or the Rejuvenating Serums.

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