Saturday, January 13, 2007

Style Lounge for the Golden Globes

I think I may be starting to sound redundant! I say this after every celebrity event- but truly, I think this was our best event ever. We just wrapped up the Style Lounge for the Golden Globes where we introduced the Elizabeth Grant line to the many celebrities getting ready to walk the red carpet. Celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad, Brook Shields, the cast of 24, Heros, and Lost- will all walk with confidence knowing the skin will be picture perfect for this major awards show and the rest still to come this season!
Follow the links below to see the pictures from the 2 day event. I will have more pictures to put up hopefully by the end of next week.

Click here to see pictures from Day 1
Click here to see pictures from Day 2

Celebrities received the brand new Caviar Rejuvenating Ampoules by Elizabeth Grant. Other items we worked with included the Biocollasis Day Cream and Eye Cream. And of course, because Elizabeth Grant Skincare is famous for the Renewal Serums, we also had it in stock for both the men and women at the event.

If you look through the pictures, you will also notice that Lynn St Denis joined us for this incredible event. You may recognize her from on-air in Australia, the UK, and of course the USA. She was amazing and worked closely with a number of celebrities including Lisa Gastineau (who is looking to change her entire skincare regime to Elizabeth Grant!) and Brooke Shields. Brook told us that after her pregnancy, her skin is in need of some major rejuvenation. She was eager to learn about the Caviar line and walked away with the Caviar set, serums, and Biocollasis.

The Elizabeth Grant set-up was gold, black, and pure class. Many celebrities admired the large black and white poster of Elizabeth from the 50's when she was starting the line in the UK. The set up really evoked a strong sense of that old Hollywood glamour.

Check back early in the week for more stories from the red carpet, a full list of celebrities that now have EG skincare, and more photos!

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