Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Scoop from the Oscar Suite

Margot Witz and April Jackson chatting with Valerie Faris and Jonathon Dayton (Directors of 'Little Miss Sunshine')
- Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls) came through the Liberace Penthouse with a sole focus- Elizabeth Grant Skincare. Lacey and her mom (who is a huge fan of the line too) stocked up on the Caviar Ampoules and newly launched Aromatherapy Rebalancing Bath Oil. They both also grabbed a few extra samples of the Essence of Torricelumn (their very favourite product). Both Lacey and her mom say that Elizabeth Grant Skincare has completely changed their skin!

- Bai Ling (Lost) stocked up on the Biocollasis Advanced Cellular Eye Cream and Essence of Torricelumn while trying on a dress at the same time!

- Beautiful Sofia Milos (CSI Miami) was so excited about the new Elizabeth Grant Aromatherapy Rebalancing Bath Oil that she took it out of the packaging on the spot to smell it and pose for a picture with it.

- Rex Lee (Entourage) was so excited to see one of his favourite lines- Elizabeth Grant Skincare- that he proceeded to tell the history of the company to his friends around him. He even pointed out the pictures of the company’s founder, Elizabeth Grant herself!

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