Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nice and Easy

The last couple of days have been increasingly hectic! I never thought such a quaint seaside town would be able to fit any more celebs, press and glitz within its walls. The city is bursting at its seams. It’s a long process to even hook up to a line on the phone- and even then you are almost guaranteed a few drops calls before a conversation is finished!

Sunday evening was spectacular. Elizabeth Grant Skincare has partnered up along with the G&P Foundation out of New York to donate products for an excellent cause. The G&P Foundation held one of the most exclusive events of the festival on the Nice and Easy yacht. The girls ran into Ivana again and had the pleasure of sitting at a table with her discussing everything from EG Skincare to the amazing fireworks set from a ship in the other port. She even explained to us which firework colors were most expensive! We really do love her! I managed to sneak a few pictures of the yacht as we were leaving….

Elizabeth Grant is so proud to be a supporter of the G&P Foundation. Watch for a major event with the foundation this fall in NYC- The Angel Ball.

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