Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Wait is Over!

First off, let me just say how sorry I am that I have left you for so long without any EG news! But what news there is!

EG is a PROUD sponsor of TIFF..i.e the Toronto International Film Festival. Our Favorite lady, EG herself, is running around the city at all of the multiple events she is involved with, what can I say, she just couldn't decide on what parties to she's involved in them all!
This upcoming weekend (Sept 7-9th) EG is sponsoring the too-hot-to-miss Variety Magazine Party, The Charlize Theron Party, the Harvey Weinstein Party which are all being held at the infamous W Studio in Toronto, Ontario. The celebs have been calling to make sure they are on the GuestList, so they don't miss out at our T
IFF giftbag.... and the chance to meet EG herself!!!
I will keep you posted on the who's who of the entertainment industry after the weekend!

Next EG wanted to make sure that everyone has the opportunity for a little EG in their lives, so from September 6th to the 15th EG will be sponsoring the events at the Century Room ( 580 King Street West Toronto, ON) Where Paris Hilton herself has already set up shop to make sure she can get a prime location at one of the hottest clubs in Toronto!!! This is the VIP club for all of the celebrities at TIFF so make sure you don't miss out and swing by to join us! To all my readers, you know this Torricelumn Girl is always running all over the world, only hitting the best parties so take advantage and come share a drink with me at the above events, who knows you could be the one I talk about with all the upcoming celebs and gossip that will sure come out of TIFF.

A hot tip to keep in mind the end of the day, when celebs are out on the town into the wee hours of the morning, no one wants to look like they have been out all night... so the first thing they grab is our Biocollosis Eye Cream... as one of our super model friends have said, "Just because I am out all night, doesn't mean I have to look like it" truthfully this product is THE product behind our TIFF involvement.. see what wonders this miracle cream can do for you!

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