Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look Good Feel Better

Last night the Torricelumn Girls attended the annual Champagne and Crystals event- an annual soirée put on by Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) to honour the companies that the support their vital organization.

Look Good Feel Better is a charitable program founded by the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association and is committed to helping women manage the appearance related effects of cancer and its treatment. By taking control of how they look, using cosmetics, skincare and hair alternatives, women with cancer can strengthen the positive attitude that is so important in cancer treatment – and feel better about themselves.

Elizabeth Grant International has been a big supporter of the program for several years now by donating products and company time to their initiatives. For this past year, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care donated Eye Renewal Serum for ‘The Confidence Kit’. The kit is given to women attending LGFB workshops held in cancer care centres and hospitals around the country. Eye Renewal Serum is a great product for these women enduring treatment because it’s so moisturizing and soothing to even the most tired skin.

The event is always such an honour to attend, knowing that the company we work for gives so much back to the community. This is one incredible program that Elizabeth Grant International will always support. That said- the Torricelumn Girls found last night a little emotional at times. One woman that spoke at the reception is a 34 year old single mother. She has been attending the workshops over the last 6 months and she expressed how much LGFB has truly helped her in the fight against cancer. Also, on an even more personal level- one of the Torricelumn Girls has dealt with cancer in a close family member over this past year so the whole event really hit close to home (side note- that family member has recently been given a very healthy diagnosis!).

Well, they don’t call the event ‘Cocktails and Crystals’ for nothing- the Torricelumn Girls went home with a great big crystal award. Elizabeth Grant International was recognized as a Ruby Supporter of LGFB for donations of over $200,000. Congratulations Elizabeth Grant International!

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