Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Beauty School- How to get that perfect ‘fake’ tan

It's almost that time of year again- time to bare your gorgeous gams in shorts and skirts.  As you prepare for spring fashion, remember that there is only one way to get a safe golden glow- self tanner.  Read on for Margot Grant's (Beauty Director at Elizabeth Grant Skin Care) foolproof tips to get a perfect tan.

1) Always exfoliate in the shower first before applying any self tanner.

2) Use a barrier cream on drier areas of the skin. If you don’t these areas will go a darker and uneven colour. This means putting Vaseline/ regular moisturizer around nails, etc.

3) Always be sure to wash hands immediately after applying.

4) The creams that add a gradual colour are best. This way you don’t go overly dark for your natural skin tone.

5) Test a small hidden patch of skin first. You do no want to apply a formula that looks orangish- and end up with Snookie-like results!

6) Apply cream all over body on dry skin. Start around your feet and work your way up your body. Have someone apply the cream to your back and hard to reach places if you can (and enjoy!). Apply the cream a little more sparingly around face and neck.

7) Don’t put your clothes on right away. If you can, wait 10 minutes, or you may run the risk of staining your clothes or getting streaky results on your skin. You do NOT want a fake sock tan line!

8) If you make a mistake, and the colour looks blotchy on your skin and too dark in certain areas, etc- exfoliate, and try to gently rub away at the problem areas with a cotton ball and nail polish remover.

9) Remember- self tanners do not protect your gorgeous glowing skin from the sun. You still need to apply an SPF every time your skin is exposed to the sun.

Try Elizabeth Grant's Soleil Smart line.

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Delsie Susman said...

Every spring and summer, women try to tan their skin by sunbathing or using lotions. Just remember to put on sunblock if you want to flash your skin beneath the scorching heat. Use a hypo-allergenic cream or lotion if your skin is sensitive.

Delsie Susman