Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview With Makeup Artist Katie Dack

  • What makes you love the beauty industry?    I like to make things pretty.
  • What are your top three products you can’t live without? Under eye concealer, Mascara, Bronzer
  • Which regular beauty tips do you offer to your clients?  I find a lot of people actually know how to do their makeup, especially with all the television shows, magazines and even youtube videos.  I tend to teach people tips for making it last or how it compliments their particular look.
  • What are the most common beauty mistakes that you think people make? As above, people are watching tv and reading magazines and they are picking up ideas, but sometimes these looks don't suit their face, colouring or eye shape.  What works on one person won't suit everyone.
  • What trends do you think are here to stay?   Less is more when it comes to the skin.  I think the caked on look of yesteryear is gone.  If your skin is clear, there is no need to pile on products.  The mineral revolution is a good thing.

  • What is your main go-to beauty product? Why?   For my clients it is important for makeup to last.  For eye makeup I love to use an eyelid primer.  
  • Do you have any special signature tips or beauty secrets that set you apart? I am an eyes girl.  I love to make eyes sparkle, not necessarily with tons of eye makeup, but something to make them pop.  (I am a big fan of false lashes, but the individual kind, they are so natural and gorgeous).
  • When you are out on the town, what beauty products are stables in your purse?  Lip balm, gloss and sometimes eyeliner.
  • Who is your dream client that you would love to work with?   Of course I love celebrities, like JLo and Beyonce, but they are already gorgeous, sometimes the challenges are more fun.

  • Describe the most daring look you have created on a client or yourself:  I have done some pretty crazy makeup especially for theme parties and halloween.  I think my most memorable one was a wedding where the girl wanted a green-purple smokey eye.  Normally that wouldn't seem so crazy, but it was a wedding and she was a religious girl wearing a very conservative white dress.  It was quite beautiful, but more artistic than bridal.
  • What was your most disastrous makeup experience? And how did you fix it? Early in my career I listened to the client a little too much.  I had a client who had never worn makeup a day in her life and it was her sons wedding.  She told me she wanted "dramatic, glamorous."  When I was finished with her she looked incredible, but since she literally never wore a stitch of makeup she was in shock, to say the least.  I softened it up for her and in the end she was fine with it.  But lesson learned, everyone has a different idea of what "dramatic and glamorous" entails.  It's always good to find out what someone's personal style is and then you can get a better idea of what they really want. 

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