Monday, September 11, 2006

The Emmy Suite

The pictures have taken a lot longer to arrive then was expected. But I guess good things come to those who wait. That said- we are STILL waiting for another bunch to come through so check back soon as more will be posted in the coming days.

Our fave housewife- Marcia Cross. Marcia was great to meet and ever so gracious. A true 'Torricelumn Girl' is always protecting her face from the sun and Marcia did just that- as she toured around the Cooley Estate she jumped from the shade of one umbrella to the next, always keeping her face out of the sun.

Sophia Bush- The One Tree Hill Star stopped by and picked up a few Biocollasis products.

Blythe Danner (Gwennie's mom!) made a rare appearance on the Saturday picking up a sample of the Biocollasis Advanced Cellular Night Regeneration.

The youngest 'Torricelumn Boy' to date?!
Trevor Gagnon hanging out at the EG table. Trevor plays Julia Loius-Dreyfus's super cute son on "The New Adventure's of Old Christine".

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