Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream Cream for the Feet

It's been a long summer in our favourite flip flops and sandals. We're not complaining, but our feet are just a little! After a summer spent in the sun with long walks on the beach and running and diving off docks and rocks, our tender tootsies are in need of a little repair.

What about you? Has your summer been spent on the beach or pounding the pavement around the city in gorgeous strappy stilettos? Whatever the case may be, why not do as Ashley Tisdale does? Repair those hands and feet with Elizabeth Grant's Hand & Foot Cream.

By the way, this cream contains Camphor, a natural ingredient with a gentle scent that is soothing and cooling to the skin, anti- bacterial, reduces pain in sore muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation. Trust us, from flip flops to stilettos your feet are going to thank you for this dream cream.
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