Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Found at the Airport

While waiting for my flight back home this past weekend, I did the usual airport routine.  That means, scoping out the duty-free, picking up a copy of Vogue (The Age Issue!), and stocking up on all my favourite celebrity weeklies. 

A quick turn to page 66 of Life & Style revealed one of my 'all-time favourite and can't live without' Elizabeth Grant Skin Care products- Biocollasis Complex Ultimate Cellular Concentrate.  It turns out that J.Lo is a big fan of this product too. But of course, none of the Torricelumn Girls are surprised about that. 

Ultimate Cellular Concentrate delays the signs of aging and repairs the skin- through the use of Plant Stem Cells.  Click here to read about this new technology.  In short, this super serum changes your skin- it reveals new, fresh looking skin, with less lines and wrinkles, and incredible tone.

Ultimate Cellular Concentrate is so good, as Life & Style points out, that with regular use you might want to ditch your regular foundation and powder and go without makeup.  How liberating!

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