Tuesday, August 09, 2011

How Dirty Is Your Makeup?

....what sort of question is that? I know it sounds nutty but how often have you really thought about that? I can guarantee not much! But all it sadly takes is one pink eye infection to realize.. Our makeup is probably the 2nd dirtiest thing in our bathroom. And something we never worry about sharing. 
Even though you can't see the bacteria on your makeup, think about it: you touch your face, then your makeup and then your face again. Or even better your friend comes by and "just needs a touch up", her face is now touching your makeup, then her face again... this cycle is a germaphobe's nightmare. Our natural oils and dead skin cells are going all over your favourite compact. Gross right?

So how can you disinfect your favourite makeup goodies? Rubbing Alcohol and a spray bottle. It's the easiest way to disinfect your makeup quickly instantly ( just don't drown your products) . This can be done every few months, or once a week, depending on how much you use a particular product. 
So Now What?

Powders: Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle, lightly spray your eye shadow, blush, bronzer, pressed powder etc., without saturating. Leave the lids open to dry a bit. 

Lipstick: Two options here: 1) dip a Qtip in rubbing alcohol or 2)Pour rubbing alcohol into a small cup. Dip the lipstick ( or Qtip) into the rubbing alcohol, wipe gently with tissue, and put the lid back on.

Liquid makeup and Mascara: collects more bacteria and cannot be disinfected the same way so it’s important that you follow the guidelines on when to throw it out. 

Tips on how to prevent bacteria:
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before putting on makeup
  • Use makeup brushes so your fingers never have to touch the product.
  • If you don't have brushes? Steer clear of makeup that exposes all the product from opening it and that you have to stick your finger in.
  • Don’t share makeup, or makeup brushes. If you do, always disinfect before you use them again. 
  • I do recommend if you are sharing, invest in separate mascara wands! 
Happy Cleaning!

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