Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TheWIFTS Come To Toronto

It’s that time of year again, The Women's International Film and Television Showcase (TheWIFTS) is back, and for 1 year only they will be in Toronto, Canada! This year, Elizabeth Grant International Inc., is pleased to be hosting this inspirational event. Elizabeth Grant herself has been bestowed the honor of presenting awards to a number of rewarding recipients.

TheWIFTS is an outstanding organization that honours well-deserving women of any field or profession. In doing so, women are motivated and empowered to continue their outstanding work which benefits all of us, beyond our reach. Additionally, the work done by these women encourages younger generations of women to work toward their goals, dreams and strive for what they wish to accomplish in changing the world around them. Mama Hill’s Help is an exceptional example of these extraordinary efforts. Mama Hill’s Help is known by everyone in the community as a “safe haven.” Their efforts promote education, reduce gang violence, and strengthen families in South Los Angeles.   
Elizabeth Grant’s granddaughter Margot Grant Witz, VP Creative Global Director and marketing genius at Elizabeth Grant International Inc., has been granted this years TheWIFTS Foundation "IT" Award. Margot’s uncanny success in revamping the Elizabeth Grant Skin Care image and for her generosity in a number of charity initiatives has made her a perfect recipient for this years “IT” factor award.
Every year TheWIFTS Foundation recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond in their career and their community. By acknowledging these women who make positive lasting changes in their community, TheWIFTS Foundation strives to create a new strand of recognition, finding outstanding gems of individuality’ within all arenas and bring them together through the art form of Film & Television.
This year Elizabeth Grant International Inc., is proud to support our fellow Canadians by honouring them with the awards listed below:

Sponsored by Barbara Tipple this award is presented to a leading or supporting actress whose performance stands out at the event.

Presented to a women in Film, Television, or any sector of society for a collective body of work.

Inspired by Margot Grant herself, this award recognizes a new generation of women with the “IT!” factor in Film,Television Business, and other sectors of society, TheWIFTS Foundation in 2010 introduces TheWIFTS Foundation “IT!” Award. In the 1920’s silent screen star Clara Bow was known as the “IT!” girl. Her vitality defined the liberated woman of the 1920s, and "IT" symbolized the tremendous progress women were making in society. Fast forward 100 years and IT also means internet technology. This business niche where the worldwide media interconnects has its bright stars as well.

Presented to a woman with outstanding business acumen in Film, Television, the Business or Political world.

Presented to an individual or organization for outstanding contribution to Television.
For more awards and nominees visit: http://www.thewifts.com/2011_Honorees.php
For more information on tickets, or how you can get involved, visit TheWIFTS Website at: http://www.thewifts.com/index.php

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