Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plant Stem Cells: The New Wave of Anti-Aging

With today’s skin care technology, many people are looking to turn back the clocks and gain the chance to look young again with the use of creams and treatments. To remain at the cutting edge of skin care and to keep up with our “plastic surgery in a bottle” reputation, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care has adopted and incorporated the latest scientific breakthrough in the reversal of natural aging – Plant Stem Cells.

Plant Stem Cells have been found to be helpful in the reduction and smoothing of crow's feet, stretch marks,  controlling cellulite, and softening and smoothing the texture of skin. 

With the influence of scientific research about the aging process, numerous “miracle” ingredients entered the cosmetics world over the last few years. The emergence of antioxidants in skin care products have led to strong results of increased skin elasticity, firmness and the smoothing of lines of wrinkles. However, the skin care world was still searching for an even better solution to the aging issue.

With the arrival and testing of Plant Stem Cell technology, scientists have uncovered that the ingredient can replace both lost and damaged cells like no other natural element. These small cells have the ability to continuously regenerate new, whole plants. This process is useful for human skin, as they are able to perform the same functions as human epidermal stem cells. However, Plant Stem Cells have been proven to be much more effective at replenishing the skin and fighting common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. These cells are more effective because they are able to divide numerous times and fight aging at a stronger force in comparison to human epidermal stem cells.

Since its initial discovery, Plant Stem Cell research is the next promising and exciting edge in skin care. Upon further testing, these natural cells were found to be helpful in not only the reduction and smoothing of crow’s feet, but were also helpful in addressing stretch marks, controlling cellulite and smoothing and softening the texture of the skin.

Stay tuned for the exciting launch of our new Elizabeth Grant Skin Care line which contains Plant Stem Cells! 

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