Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Beauty Defences

With winter in full swing, many people believe that the products they use during warmer seasons will carry them through the change of weather.

It is time to change up your beauty routine to face the snow, slush, and freezing wind chill temperatures with glowing radiance.

Lip Service in the Snow
Chapped lips are one of the most common beauty problems we have during the winter. This problem is maintained by licking out lips, thinking it will moisten our pout even though it evaporates and causes more dryness. The dryness is accompanied by painful cracks and a rough surface at the mouth.

Transform your lips from a dry, cracked surface to a moistened, smooth pout with Elizabeth Grant’s Socializer Can You Keep A Secret? Lip Exfoliator & Conditioning Balm.

Start by using the gentle exfoliator to remove dry skin cells and help prime lips for the balm. Next step, apply the clear conditioning balm to soothe, hydrate and smooth your lips, making them beautiful for the winter time.

Keeping Your Face Smooth and Silky amongst the Slush
Putting your best face forward in the winter can be tricky, especially if you don’t use products that can stand against the harsh winds and freezing temperatures. Without proper moisturizing and hydration, your skin will become dry, flaky and red.

As you would layer your clothes in the winter, layer your skin with intense moisturizing serums, such as Elizabeth Grant’s Essence of Torricelumn™.

Delivering Torricelumn™ in its purest, most concentrated form, this is an intensive treatment that moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, while providing anti-aging qualities.

Moisturizing Hands and Feet against Wind Chill
In frosty weather, heat is drawn toward the trunk area of the body, causing your hands and feet to get colder. Although your hands and feet are protected with warm gloves, socks and boots, the cold air dries out your hands and feet, causing them to become cracked and rough to the touch.

Give your hands and feet some TLC with Elizabeth Grant’s Hand & Foot Cream. Our cream contains Torricelumn™ - our superior moisturizing compound and Camphor, which soothes and refreshes your hands and feet.

For best results, moisturize at dawn and dusk for optimal soft winter skin.

Replenishing Hydration of Your Skin in the Cold
Once the cold weather hits, skin can become dry, flaking and itchy due to the lack of natural moisture. As much as we are in heated indoor locations throughout the winter, our heating systems cannot replace the hydration our skin receives in warm weather.

Loaded with intense hydrators, Elizabeth Grant’s Lubricating Body Treatment is your perfect skin fix during the winter. This cream is heavy duty yet luxurious, containing a rich blend of aloe extract, Vitamin E, and Shea Butter to make skin feel velvety smooth.

The combination of Torricelumn™ - our superior moisturizing compound, Sodium Hyaluronate – a moisturizing protein and Shea Butter creates an amazing winter defence.

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