Monday, March 19, 2012

Get a Natural Look… even with Makeup!

Bronzer vs Blush
I like bronzer over blush for a more natural look. Bronzer gives you a light, sun-kissed glow that you naturally get from being outdoors. It's easy to apply because you can gently brush it all over your face, while blush can be limited to your cheek bones. To make sure you get the most natural look from your bronzer, test out various bronzers to find the right shade for your skin tone. The trick is to find one that makes you appear sun-kissed, not orange! Once you find the right bronzer for you, make sure to apply lighting to the face and remember to blend. Nothing is worse than uneven brushes of bronzer on your face.

Natural vs Neon 
Instead of jumping for the bright shades of red or gothic tones of dark browns, go for a light pink or nude-coloured lip gloss. It will give your lips a polished, shimmering look without being extremely beauty forward. Light or clear glosses are a key makeup product for any natural or daytime look. For those who are not into glosses, go with a simple lip balm to keep your pout smooth and soft looking.

Hydration vs Foundation
Always use a moisturizer on your face before you even think of applying foundation or any makeup in general. Without moisturizing, your makeup becomes dry, flaky looking and will give your skin the unnatural, caked-on look. Moisturizing will keep your skin hydrated and create a smooth surface for your makeup to go on flawlessly.  Want the best of both worlds?  Try our Collagen Tinted Moisturizer. (Also available in a 15ml mini size!)

Browns vs Blacks
One simple way to get a natural look is to tone down what you use for your eye makeup. Instead of using black eyeliner, black mascara and dark eye shadows, go with lighter, earthy tones. Use light brown eyeliner to highlight your eyes. Embrace the light brown and taupe shades for eye shadow to brighten your eye areas. Change to brown mascara for daytime so it gives the lashes a lift without a dark and dramatic evening look. This will enhance your eyes without giving you a formal look.

Dab Your Concealer.  Don’t Smear!
Concealer works best when it is used as a spot treatment in your makeup routine. For dark circles under your eyes or blemishes, lightly dab to cover up or brighten the affected areas. If you smear it on, it will go on unevenly and create unnatural blotches on your skin. Also, dabbing over smearing will help the concealer last longer on your face. 

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